Saturday, October 18, 2008

Milt-Fresh FuZzN on 100,000 trillion!!!!!!!!

How's everybody livin? Yeah, just had to hit em with Subtle plaid three peice Brown Collection Dashiki joint with the Peach dress shirt(design is wild!!!). They weren't ready for it!! Man had my hood lookin like haterville yesterday!!! New dudes out here thinkin they live givin the dirty looks like crazy!!! Oh well, they'll get over it. On the upside, last night was mad ill. Changed clothes and went with my wifey pookie girl, her brother and his girl out to Wallingford to be scared out of our witts at the Trail of Terror. Yo that junk is live!!! I can't give it all away but your from the New Haven rea, you need to check it out. Only problem is the long lines!!!! The Stacy Adams leather came in handy standin in the cold!!!! Would have gotten flicks on the Blackk Jack, but it was too dark. But that joint is crazy!!! It was bout to be on though lady up in there throw water on me cause we ain't want to hear her story!!! She lucky!!! LOL! But it was crazy. Well anyway, I must go time to start my day. Take care of ya selves. One FuZz!

1 comment:

Karl-Edwin Guerre said...

SUBTLE PLAID?!?!?!? lol
keep killin' 'em. The world needs more light- keep shinin'. btw send me your e-mail to wanna holla at you.