Sunday, September 27, 2009


Thiz Nennettini shoe iz the perfect cream slip on loafer. But letz be real, becauze of the holez and ventz, they're more of a summer shoe. However, the way I feel, ask me if I care? WHO ACTUALLY FOLLOWZ RULEZ ANYMORE???!!!

20 20 vision

At timez itz hard to see life with great clarity. Thursday and Friday were the first two dayz where I could see my hard work paying off, and not thinking it'z all in vain. Which makez me feel there are more great dayz to come. Many more great oppurtunitiez. Many more conceptz and ideaz. But like I said yearz ago, we are not in control of our destiny. The only thing we're in control of iz the work thatz done on thiz earth. But where we end up iz God'z plan. You can plan to take a left turn and end up going right or straight. So I just said i'll let God direct my path. Which ever way he takez me, iz where i'll end up. So many possibilitiez, it'z hard to chooze. But, through him, i'll never fail.

Saturday, September 26, 2009


Itz a fact that people put pride in logoz and namebrandz. And yez logoz do carry some type of presteige behind them. However, everything with a logo slapped on it izn't alwayz fresh or cool. Thiz iz why one must weed out whatz really fresh, fly and FuZzY. But theze are the logoz that have the stamp of Milt-fresh on them, and not the other way around.

Friday, September 25, 2009


Big face Kangaroo Kangolz are deffinetly needed in my hat collection thiz year. For me wearing a Kangol cap iz like wearing a fitted to a hood dude. very clean, smooth and casual. can be uzed for casual or dressed up. Love the versitility. Haven't masterd the bucket yet. I'll have to try it! On the other hand I don't want to be confuzed with LL!!! LOL!

Check the threadz!!!!!


Thursday, September 24, 2009


Every Seazon Robert wayne dropz a solid mens shoe collection. and every store that carriez them only carriez the more popular dezignz like the who midevil cross denim thing that everybody waz on for two yearz. Which after a while going store to store seeing the same shoez boorz me. It makez me feel that the company only knowz how to go the trendy rout. but a true dress shoe enthuziest knowz that a great shoe company iz determined by itz innovation. Just when I thought the shoe brand that waz known for itz Orange interior couldn't produce soul moving shoez, I waz wrong. Searching high and low I waz able to find Robert wayne shoez that step out bold in a crowd. Deffinetly in love with the dark wash denim aztec dezign jointz with the color washed out tipz. Deffinetly could uze thoze in my collection. But my big favorite are theze Robert Wayne Loaferz. Theze loaferz are the type you can wear casual or dressed and still wil look magnificent. Now if only they carried theze in the storez!


competting with suckaz iz so old, so high school!!!!!! I don't deal with small friez. Unless i'm eating them on the way home. Therez no need saving them for the meal. They're gonna be cold by the time you eat em. So beef to me iz deffinetly out of the question. But do love to indulge in the Mushroom swiss Angus!! My new guilty pleasure. So do you really get the value of thiz meal?

It'z in the smile!

Donyelle iz true beauty!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Letz get personal.

What'z FuZzN ya'll? It'z been a min since I got personal with ya'll. I try to stay away from that side. Stay away from devulging my inner thoughtz to the blog world. But I feel itz needed. You know a lot of thingz have gone on within in the last year. I've made amendz with friendz. Lost some friendz. Gain more enemiez eveytime I step out the door. A lot of life changing situationz have occured. I'm still just trying to roll with the punchez. Me, i'm all about my personal growth. Alwayz trying to educate myself and most of all i'm on a quest for peace. Something that most of society lackz right now. I'm about enjoying the bond of my close knit family. My mother, my father and my gurl Veronica. They are all i have left in thiz world. So my job now iz to enjoy every chance I get with them, creating new memoriez. So if that meanz dreamz and oppurtunity getz put on hold so be it!!!! God haz not brought me thiz far to give up on me. He can create new onez az long az I beleave on him. But theze weirdoz out here are walkin around with chipz on their shoulder, attitudez and all typez of malice becauze of the way I've chozen to live my life. I pray for theze people. I hope they find what they're looking for. But really therez no need for the complication. We az individualz make thiz life complicated for ourselvez and eachother. Me i'm just prayin to get through my dayz the best way I can without hassle or discord. People pray for yourselvez and thiz crazy world.

EXPRESS ya thoughtz!!!

told you i'd cop the violet pink Express V-kneck!!! Express V-kneckz def get work!!!!



Sunday, September 20, 2009


So after a trying day, I decided to hit the town with my parentz and my Pookie. The weirdoz were out in full force but we didn't allow them to stop our time. We went to dinner and from there we went to the moviez to take in the New Tyler perry joint. Deffinetly a tear jerking film!!!! one of thoze moviez where the under dog windz up on top!!! Not going to mess it up for yall, but itz a great film. I enjoy outtingz with my parentz and my pookie. Most people I know are trying to stay az distant from their familiez az they can. But it feelz great to have the love of my family and pookie with me. Therez nothing like it. the only people who understandz me when the rest of the world wishez ill!!!!!


I've come to the concluzion, that the majority of the people out here are really crazy. If you're reading thiz and you take offense to thiiz, then good, it waz meant for you to be offended. Theze people out here are really seriouzly weirdoz!!!!!! Misguided individualz that really think they are helping society for the common good however they're helping to shape the mindz of more misguided people. The sad part iz when they're powerd by hate and rage. Ready to unleash their energy upon you. So i've learned it'z not good to argue with a weirdo. Becauze their goal iz to make you look stupid at all costs. I mean, weirdoz don't have anything to loze becauze they're already weird!!!! Arguing with them just bringz you down to their level. In some casez i've had to remove myself just to get them out of my air space!!!! No i'm not being mean, i'm being real. Theze people will have you lozing your mind!!!! For their job iz to make you insecure in yourself and the movez you make. Yez theze sound like symptomz of a hater !!! Haterz and weirdoz are cut from the same cloth, but weirdoz go to the extreme with what they do. A weirdoz personal feelingz take over and don't know how to control themselvez. So ladiez and gentlemen join me in the fight against stupidity and just say NO TO WEIRDOZ!!!!


So yesterday I waz in the Grocery store in my favorite section (the Magazine joint lol!), and I waz reading the current issue of XXL. While there I flipped the pagez to an article on stylist Groovy Lou who waz noted to have styled hip-hop greatz such az biggie, jay-z and currently styling Rick Ross, Jim jones, and ect. He talked about styling the cast of the Notorious Film. The main componant for the film waz biggz original Coogi sweaterz. Lou mentioned some newz that had my head swirling. Fubu ownz Coogi now!!!! Reading that Shockz me, but it explaned so much about the branz researgence in the last couple of yearz. When you look at their designz they are reminiscent of the bright bold creationz that were dawned by fubu back in the day. I mean take a look at the fitted cap above. Very vey fubu like. Coogi would have never put out a fitted back when big waz alive. They stayed true to what they knew and that waz sweaterz. Then in the early 2000'z they ventured into shirtz and jeanz nd jacketz. Really Fubu haz really saturated the brand and made it look like an urban clothing line. People buy the stuff becauze it sayz coogi but people don't pay attention to the underlined message. In a sence theze companiez are playing off the intelegence of people. Letz even look at the exclusivity of the brand. In New Haven it waz extremly hard to find official Coogi itemz in 2000-2001. Storez were wouldn't carry it becauze the pricez were out of thiz world and diddn't want to risk not being able to move merchandise. But now Coogi can find a pair of Coogi Jeanz in AJ Wright. And plus they don't cost az much az they once did. I myself am not a fan of thiz researgence for many different reazonz. For one I long for the dayz og Original Coogi with brright color sweaterz made of Austrailian wool. If I saw a good one, I would definetly rock it. But i'm not feelin the concept of slappi a name on a shirt, and wearing it becauze it'z Coogi. To me if your gonna rock Coogi now a dayz you might az well wear Fubu. The money iz going to the same place, just a different name, same desigh team. But people look down their nozez at original Fubu. Yet and still your making theze guyz rich when you purchase a Coogi item. just like if you wear Ed Hardy you might az well wear von dutch becauze Christian Audiger designed for Von Dutch back in the day. Same dude who designez for Ed Hardy now!!!! IDK, maybe i'm making more out of it becauze I see the trickz that the industry iz playing on consumerz. Like Jay said, "ya'll buy thiz junk caught up in the hype". Educate yourselvez. look beyond the garment. It'z deeper than clothez. Everything you wear standz for something.

Friday, September 18, 2009

THE RED ONE!!!!!!!

Theze are the illest for fall. Freaked the blue joint a coule weekz ago. Definetly need the red V-Kneck sweater and the violet(or bazooka az Express callz it). Express haz it goin on with the V-kneck solid color sweaterz. So while everybody elze iz Rockin their 501 jeanz and crew kneck sweaterz, i'll be freaking brown collection dress pantz with a v-kneck sweater. Dress shirt, tie, hat and scarf are included.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Masimo NY more sleek with less design thiz season

In 07 I started going hard wearing Masimo NY shoez. It began with their wild print mocz that they came out with. They were the best when you didn't want to wear a dress shoe but still wanted to be classy. Soon every season I checked for the brand and msde sure I had a pair of what I call the Mo'z in my collection. They came out with the Mocz with the skull design then the tweed print. then they ventured off into doing dress bootz. Which iz a good move for them. Thiz time around Masimo haz backed off the flashy designz and have gone more for more sleek and refined. And further more backing away from the mocz an giving uz more bootz. To be honest I wouldn't indulge az much in any of theze, maybe the whitez, but everybody makez a pair of white bootz. Now Masimo iz good for making white pointed toe dress shoez. But at timez they prove to be redundant.

God wakez me up to do thiz!!!!!

People make life hard, but when you look at it, life iz great. Theze insecure people are what makez life hard to live. Society iz trying make people live up to some hiigh standardz that don't exist nor can theze rule makerz can follow them. But i'm just glad that god wakez me up everyday and preparez me for such a cruel world. Thiz FuZz iz what keepz my head together and going.



Chris Brown'z Sweater game iz beatin em, no pun intended

Now I know we're suppozed to be hating Chris Brown, but I waz definely feeling the powder/baby blue sweater with the bow-tie and dress shirt kickwhen he went on Larry King. I've never really been a fan of Chris Brown style wize. Not an artist that I check for to see that great style moment. But thiz look waz young, viverant, and smooth. Yez between 05, 06, 07 and 08 Bow-tiez had been over saturated in men'z style. Some have done them great, some make them look corny. Some don't give the originator of the researgence credit, so I tiltz my hat to Fonzworth Bentley. But back to Chris the bow-tie lookz great. He'z usually seen wearing an over-sized bow-tie. But itz well purportioned with the dress shirt. Yez when bow-tiez are concerned size doez matter!!!! I guess the other pick iz what he looked like after the show. Still a very cool casual look. I JUST HATE THOZE JEANZ!!!!!!!!! DISTRESSED DENIM IZ FREAKIN WACK!!!!!!But the rest of the fit iz slick and casual!!!!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

happy birthday to the realest woman ever: Veronica Smith-brown


Saturday, September 12, 2009

Pookie'z pre B-Day event: ANIMAL PLANET

So yesterday My family and I decided to take the love of my life Pookie, out for an early b-day celebration. Now i've been planing thiz for monthz. So my thing waz to keep it a surprize all the way til we got to our destination. So where did we go? Well one thing my pookie lovez iz watching animalz. She'z an animal planet enthusiest!!! So we took her to the Mystic Sea life aquarium in mystic CT. All four of uz had an ill time out therre. We got to all the different typez of sea creaturez and under water life. Everything from sharkz to clown fish. Then we saw Sea lionz goin sick. Trust we ain't let the rain stop uz from having fun!!!! We ended up going to dinner at a friendies(we came all the way to mystic to eat at a friendlies!!!??). The food waz good, but I swear they acted like they never served black people befor!! LOL! but aside from that we had a great time laughin and jokin. My dad made the waitress name every beverage they had in there!!! LOL! that man iz wild. But any way happy early b-day to my pookie veronica.