Sunday, September 20, 2009


So yesterday I waz in the Grocery store in my favorite section (the Magazine joint lol!), and I waz reading the current issue of XXL. While there I flipped the pagez to an article on stylist Groovy Lou who waz noted to have styled hip-hop greatz such az biggie, jay-z and currently styling Rick Ross, Jim jones, and ect. He talked about styling the cast of the Notorious Film. The main componant for the film waz biggz original Coogi sweaterz. Lou mentioned some newz that had my head swirling. Fubu ownz Coogi now!!!! Reading that Shockz me, but it explaned so much about the branz researgence in the last couple of yearz. When you look at their designz they are reminiscent of the bright bold creationz that were dawned by fubu back in the day. I mean take a look at the fitted cap above. Very vey fubu like. Coogi would have never put out a fitted back when big waz alive. They stayed true to what they knew and that waz sweaterz. Then in the early 2000'z they ventured into shirtz and jeanz nd jacketz. Really Fubu haz really saturated the brand and made it look like an urban clothing line. People buy the stuff becauze it sayz coogi but people don't pay attention to the underlined message. In a sence theze companiez are playing off the intelegence of people. Letz even look at the exclusivity of the brand. In New Haven it waz extremly hard to find official Coogi itemz in 2000-2001. Storez were wouldn't carry it becauze the pricez were out of thiz world and diddn't want to risk not being able to move merchandise. But now Coogi can find a pair of Coogi Jeanz in AJ Wright. And plus they don't cost az much az they once did. I myself am not a fan of thiz researgence for many different reazonz. For one I long for the dayz og Original Coogi with brright color sweaterz made of Austrailian wool. If I saw a good one, I would definetly rock it. But i'm not feelin the concept of slappi a name on a shirt, and wearing it becauze it'z Coogi. To me if your gonna rock Coogi now a dayz you might az well wear Fubu. The money iz going to the same place, just a different name, same desigh team. But people look down their nozez at original Fubu. Yet and still your making theze guyz rich when you purchase a Coogi item. just like if you wear Ed Hardy you might az well wear von dutch becauze Christian Audiger designed for Von Dutch back in the day. Same dude who designez for Ed Hardy now!!!! IDK, maybe i'm making more out of it becauze I see the trickz that the industry iz playing on consumerz. Like Jay said, "ya'll buy thiz junk caught up in the hype". Educate yourselvez. look beyond the garment. It'z deeper than clothez. Everything you wear standz for something.

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