Thursday, September 17, 2009

Chris Brown'z Sweater game iz beatin em, no pun intended

Now I know we're suppozed to be hating Chris Brown, but I waz definely feeling the powder/baby blue sweater with the bow-tie and dress shirt kickwhen he went on Larry King. I've never really been a fan of Chris Brown style wize. Not an artist that I check for to see that great style moment. But thiz look waz young, viverant, and smooth. Yez between 05, 06, 07 and 08 Bow-tiez had been over saturated in men'z style. Some have done them great, some make them look corny. Some don't give the originator of the researgence credit, so I tiltz my hat to Fonzworth Bentley. But back to Chris the bow-tie lookz great. He'z usually seen wearing an over-sized bow-tie. But itz well purportioned with the dress shirt. Yez when bow-tiez are concerned size doez matter!!!! I guess the other pick iz what he looked like after the show. Still a very cool casual look. I JUST HATE THOZE JEANZ!!!!!!!!! DISTRESSED DENIM IZ FREAKIN WACK!!!!!!But the rest of the fit iz slick and casual!!!!!

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