Thursday, September 17, 2009

Masimo NY more sleek with less design thiz season

In 07 I started going hard wearing Masimo NY shoez. It began with their wild print mocz that they came out with. They were the best when you didn't want to wear a dress shoe but still wanted to be classy. Soon every season I checked for the brand and msde sure I had a pair of what I call the Mo'z in my collection. They came out with the Mocz with the skull design then the tweed print. then they ventured off into doing dress bootz. Which iz a good move for them. Thiz time around Masimo haz backed off the flashy designz and have gone more for more sleek and refined. And further more backing away from the mocz an giving uz more bootz. To be honest I wouldn't indulge az much in any of theze, maybe the whitez, but everybody makez a pair of white bootz. Now Masimo iz good for making white pointed toe dress shoez. But at timez they prove to be redundant.

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