Friday, September 11, 2009

?????What an issue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wallyz are alwayz a tough issue in footwear. For one there are very weired to pull off. And the success of the shoe hingez on the outfit. The wrong pairing will result in them looking like orthipedic shoez. Now in the midst of clarks trying to reinvent itself. They've come up with yet another angle with trying to keep the wallabee viverant and fresh. This particular one flipz the concept of low top on it'z head. It almost lookz like a cross between the wallyz and a very casual driving shoe. I had been debating on if I'd purchase them. The answer iz yes I would. But I would make sure the outfitz I choze would help off set the shoez. For me thiz iz where the right color and the right hat come into play. The best colorz for brown sued will alwayz be orangez, redz, and greenz(more of a hunter or dark green). They help bring out the brown. Some people don't understand thiz but az far az shoez are concerned, brown shoez are the new black.

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