Sunday, September 27, 2009

20 20 vision

At timez itz hard to see life with great clarity. Thursday and Friday were the first two dayz where I could see my hard work paying off, and not thinking it'z all in vain. Which makez me feel there are more great dayz to come. Many more great oppurtunitiez. Many more conceptz and ideaz. But like I said yearz ago, we are not in control of our destiny. The only thing we're in control of iz the work thatz done on thiz earth. But where we end up iz God'z plan. You can plan to take a left turn and end up going right or straight. So I just said i'll let God direct my path. Which ever way he takez me, iz where i'll end up. So many possibilitiez, it'z hard to chooze. But, through him, i'll never fail.

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