Saturday, September 12, 2009

Pookie'z pre B-Day event: ANIMAL PLANET

So yesterday My family and I decided to take the love of my life Pookie, out for an early b-day celebration. Now i've been planing thiz for monthz. So my thing waz to keep it a surprize all the way til we got to our destination. So where did we go? Well one thing my pookie lovez iz watching animalz. She'z an animal planet enthusiest!!! So we took her to the Mystic Sea life aquarium in mystic CT. All four of uz had an ill time out therre. We got to all the different typez of sea creaturez and under water life. Everything from sharkz to clown fish. Then we saw Sea lionz goin sick. Trust we ain't let the rain stop uz from having fun!!!! We ended up going to dinner at a friendies(we came all the way to mystic to eat at a friendlies!!!??). The food waz good, but I swear they acted like they never served black people befor!! LOL! but aside from that we had a great time laughin and jokin. My dad made the waitress name every beverage they had in there!!! LOL! that man iz wild. But any way happy early b-day to my pookie veronica.

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Sexy_Virgo87 said...

Babe i had a great time with you guys. i love animals. so this was a great surprise honestly. and yes ya dad had me dyin at the resturant he knew what he wanted and Made her go threw the list anyways. well i had a great time thanks again.