Thursday, September 24, 2009


Every Seazon Robert wayne dropz a solid mens shoe collection. and every store that carriez them only carriez the more popular dezignz like the who midevil cross denim thing that everybody waz on for two yearz. Which after a while going store to store seeing the same shoez boorz me. It makez me feel that the company only knowz how to go the trendy rout. but a true dress shoe enthuziest knowz that a great shoe company iz determined by itz innovation. Just when I thought the shoe brand that waz known for itz Orange interior couldn't produce soul moving shoez, I waz wrong. Searching high and low I waz able to find Robert wayne shoez that step out bold in a crowd. Deffinetly in love with the dark wash denim aztec dezign jointz with the color washed out tipz. Deffinetly could uze thoze in my collection. But my big favorite are theze Robert Wayne Loaferz. Theze loaferz are the type you can wear casual or dressed and still wil look magnificent. Now if only they carried theze in the storez!

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