Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Letz get personal.

What'z FuZzN ya'll? It'z been a min since I got personal with ya'll. I try to stay away from that side. Stay away from devulging my inner thoughtz to the blog world. But I feel itz needed. You know a lot of thingz have gone on within in the last year. I've made amendz with friendz. Lost some friendz. Gain more enemiez eveytime I step out the door. A lot of life changing situationz have occured. I'm still just trying to roll with the punchez. Me, i'm all about my personal growth. Alwayz trying to educate myself and most of all i'm on a quest for peace. Something that most of society lackz right now. I'm about enjoying the bond of my close knit family. My mother, my father and my gurl Veronica. They are all i have left in thiz world. So my job now iz to enjoy every chance I get with them, creating new memoriez. So if that meanz dreamz and oppurtunity getz put on hold so be it!!!! God haz not brought me thiz far to give up on me. He can create new onez az long az I beleave on him. But theze weirdoz out here are walkin around with chipz on their shoulder, attitudez and all typez of malice becauze of the way I've chozen to live my life. I pray for theze people. I hope they find what they're looking for. But really therez no need for the complication. We az individualz make thiz life complicated for ourselvez and eachother. Me i'm just prayin to get through my dayz the best way I can without hassle or discord. People pray for yourselvez and thiz crazy world.

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Karl-Edwin Guerre said...

there's a fine line between sharing 'just' your thoughts and sharing yourself. Sometimes I wonder if one should do both via blogs.... then I tell myself, "hey, if the world can gain from my experiences and tribulations... it's not even a question of should I."

Keep doin' your thing bro.