Monday, June 30, 2008

A real Woman!!!

Now after you close ya mouth, the next words out of ya trap is, "Milt-Fresh, I thought you had more class than to have this bootylicious woman on ya page like a peice of meat!!!" Well I did this to prove a point. If you don't have cable, this is the beautiful and curvaious star of the style network show Clean House, Niecy Nash!! She lends her interior desighn skills, sass and style to the show. Basicly the only reason why a black man should be watching clean house. Now other than the big booty flicks, these pics prove she is a very stylish woman. Every event she looks nothing more than stuning!!! However, at the Reno 911 viewing. She stepped out wearing this number that grabbed everybody and they dead folks attention. The reason i'm showing this is because she is a full figured female who is confident in her appearance and steps out bold. I mean we all know the standard of today's society. Skinny is what's in!!! We have been brain washed to feel that, there is one way to be and thats a twig. I mean how long can we live in a distorted world. Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes!!!! What strikes me in a female is her confidence. And that's what turns me on about my pookie. I mean when she throws the heels on, her walk is so bold. It screams I am woman hear me roar!!! Like I said, I don't do the naked centerfold pics on this blog. When you see women on here, you will see fashionable, well dressed and stylish images. However, I had to do this to represent what a real woman looks like. Yo, I done put down all my celeb wives for this one. Well except for June Ambrose, me and her have some shopping to do!!! But Niecy got it goin on!!! To stand out amognst a crowd of Millions and expose yourself like that, takes guts and balls!!! So she gets the A from me. It's ground breaking for real women every where.

The perfect fit!!!

Today was a cool, laid back day, just enjoyin my last day befor work!!! I know ya'll feel sorry for ya boy, but it's all good. By tommorrow night I'll be alright!!! Wink wink nudge nudge!!!. Keep that on the Down low (without my arm in a sling!!! lol!!)!! But ya'll got to check out my fit!!!! You know we had to show em how to FuZz the skull and bones!!! Lil Express polo!!! Decided to throw the Mob boss Stacy's in the mix!!!! Through a lil roaring 20's tando on the head peice, on em to let em know I'm still not playin with em!!! But you know, check this out:

Lil joint ya FuZz copped at Express today. Lil Graphic sweater vest with a lil hood on it. I ain't a fan of hoody's and all that, however, Express did this right. Couldn't pass this up in there. Lil somethin for these dudes to FALL back with if you catch my drift!!! Trust, i'm gearin up now!!! It ain't a game out here!!!

Sunday, June 29, 2008

An air of cool!!!!

The words I use to describe Producer and singer Ryan Leslie. To me he's the only light skinned dude(other than John Legend) that I'll allow to come back in style!!! Lol!! My man ain't just another pretty boy, he's a Havard graduate as well!! Which lets you know, you can still pursue higher education and follow you dream as well. For people who don't know this, he produced the 05 summer club banger, The Cassie Joint, "it's me and you". I can still see Me and my homey vick-money partyin hard dancin our lives away to that joint up in R-Bar(or I should say That Bar LOL!!). Well my boy is out with his own self titled effort, with his first Single, "diamond Girl". The song and Video are on point!!! Might I add the styling is on point as well. after reading up on dude, I learned he has a real eye for style. Two king magazines ago, he was featured in their style break down session(or whatever they call it), and he said, back in college he used to have a tailor, and he made sure when he got on, he would bring him lots of bussiness. First of all it's rair when a person says they have a tailor. Tailoring is a forgoten art, especially when you deal with big bussiness designers, mass production, wholesaling, and ect. People really don't have the time nor the patience to wait three weeks, a month to maybe even a year for a tailor made garment. It's easier to by off the wrack than it is to wait for a hand made garment!! The other part is the fitting. People hate to be fitted for clothes. Getting the right measurements on you, from your thighs, your waiste, arms, you know the parts that tell the truth about your body!!!! lol!!! But when you do decide to put he extra money forth with a tailor, the outcome should be nothing but dynamic!!!! And to read that from Mr. Leslie is a breath of fresh air, from those who get tangled in trends and allow their stylist to dictate their move. It's like I say, having a stylist is like having your mother pick out your clothes. Plus my dude can kill a pair of Tom Ford Shades. kudos to mr. Leslie, may you have longevity in the biz!!!

Nasir West or Esco Fiasco!!!!

Now befor I do this, I want everybody to know I am s nas fan from the heart. I mean we can take it back to when he used to spit with Raekwon and Ghostface on "only built for Cuban Linx". We can take it to his work he did with R-Kelly, when he made "money makes the world go round". We can take it to the belly sound track. the theres Nastradamus!!(i'm givin ya'll different junk than what the average nas fan would say, Example: Live at the BBQ or Illmatic). He is a true lyricist from the heart!!! Nobody will ever question my allegence when it comes to his work as a whole!!!But, I just want to know who is the fool who decided to style my man like Kanye West!!!!!?? When I saw this in a recent issue of Complex Magazine, I was pissed!!! Let me tell you why, the styling is great!!! But this is not Nas!!! Yes he's known to be a style innovator in his own right!! Who could rock a suit and wallabbes (other than Milt-Fresh) like Nas!!! Who made you think twice about rocking a Pink suit(other than Milt-Fresh) like Nas has?!!! Who made you want to rock Red Leather suit with no shirt on, and tell the world Hate Me Now (Not Milt-Fresh LOL!)?!!! He's known for breaking grown with his look!!! There is no need to have my man lookin like he can live through anything if Magic made it!!!! And i'm not crackin on ye neither, cause he's the Best Dressed Rapper in the game right now!!! Or should say Nas look like he bout to kick push!!! Food and liquor for thought while looking to be cool!!! lol!! To me, this was a ploy to have Nas break boundries to a new audiance!!! The stylist should have thought a plan on how to revolutionize his look, instead of making him relevent to a comlex reader(give or take that's what the average Complex reader dresses like lol!). One thing I'll say about Jay is no matter what, he sticks to what he does!!! You haven't once seen him put on somme Skinnies!! And you won't!!! I think I would have thrown a couple sick trench coats on Nas, with a sick graphic t, with a more looser fit jean. The kicks and the Shades could stay!!! Forget about that whole trapped in outer space junk!! I would have hit em with a More boader and edgier look with the photography!!!!! Just my opinion!!! I must say that whole thing left a deep impression on me!!!

At the mall!!!!! (Prada Fila's)

Well once again my pookie and I had a hair raising night out at the Milford Mall. Once again, schools out for all the lil brats, so nothing else better for them to do is hit the mall!!! All in all it was cool. We did run into a dude that had an exclusive pair of Prada Fila's on!!! For some reason he was walking extremly fast!!!! lol!!! Yes, I am a jerk!!! We concluded our night at Bertucci's where they serve you six peices of shrimp, one peice of Lobster over the most nastiest pasta i've ever tassted!!! May I add, the Paperazzi was out last night!!! It seems while my lady and I were dining, these bird head baps were taking pics of us!!! They were dead serious too with that Bright Flash for no reason!!!! LOL! A taste of my own medicine. It was cool though!!! All in all s fun night!!

Friday, June 27, 2008

In my hood!!!

o.k. ya boy was enjoyin his few days of summer vacation befor I go back to work,So I decided to chill in my hood with my homey tiff and my Godson isaiah. we was straight actin a fool!!! What we do best!!

All jokin aside I want to give a shout out to my hood, HILLSIDE(4X), i'm proud to have grown up my 23 years in this hood. Every season, i've seen people move in and move out. On these streets, learned a lot of life lesons. That same chinese spot holds a story that will never be told. on those streets its a lot of love. There ain't a time I don't go out on the block and I don't receive love from the people. I appreciate that. I know on the low theres hate on the low. For those who hate I pray for you. For thosee who show love, I show love back. But Hillside, you know I love you. People spread love not war!!! Keep it FuZz!!

ya boy was in Birds eye view again!!!

Check out the Video photage of Milt-Fresh Stuntin live at the 08 Hillhouse vs Cross
basketball game back in January. The game is rather lengthy, however it's worth the wait to see the true main atraction. All you havee to do is go to the archive section on then click on boys basketball. After that go to 08-07 Hillhouse vs Cross basketball. Shout out to for gettin the flick of ya boy for the second year!!! Them dudes always show the king mad love!!!!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Soul brotha!!!

When we look at style(not so much fashion) and trendstting, we are usually looking at many of todays musicians, actors and actresses. When we disect the subject even more, we see African Americans for decades have been the leaders and pace makers for every time period. Now don't get me wrong, style is not a color or race, it's a feeling. Either you have it or you don't. However, the black race does carry a certain swagger, a certain way of expressing themselves. Ovver the years we've given it so many different names, but for the sake of universal appeal, we shall call it soul!!! The black man has soul. I maybe down to my last dime, the rent is due, but yet, I'm still going to feel and look like a million bucks(now a days thats just known as hood rich!!!). Never the less we can talk about the Pharrells, the diddys, the kanyes, the Milt-Fresh's(what you think I wasn't gonna say me!!??), but we have to remember where it all originated from. We can talk about bling(so tired of that phrase), but nobody came through with more bling like Sammy Davis, Jr. I was watchin a celebrity roast of Dean Martin, and they had homey Sam Davis up there with about four gold bracelets on both wrists, gold wrings on each finger, and two gold chains with madallions, while suited up. When you look at most of Sammy's suits he had exquisit tailoring done on them. Kind of like what they are trying to do with bespoke tailoring of todays time. And it looked well on him especially because he was a slim and trim man. I mean even further, who do you know that could be amongst the hipest group of whitemen. If your in Frank Sinatra's Rat pack, thats an honor. The only Black Guy in the group. Specially around the time when Affirmitive Action ain't mean nothin!!! He lived the life of a high roller, he gambled hard, had the women, everything. What I loved most about Sam was he knew how to wear a Tux. Last year when I was on my tuxedo Chic look, Sam was my inspiration for that. When you think of the tux, the bow-tie, the suit, the paten leather shoes, you think of formal which trandsends to being stuffy and stiff. But with, Sammy you see him having fun in a tux. laughing and jokin, bein more relaxed, thats where the soul comes in. even today, you see that with the likes of Diddy. Then we move to the Stylings of Cab Calloway who is the man who brought flashy dressing to the forefront. One of my may favorite Style Icons of anytime period, Mr.Calloway is more recognized for spawning the Zoot Suit, I can remember my grandfather talk about how he wore Zoot Suits back in the early 1900's with the huge watch chain with the large wide brim hat and the Stacys on the feet. All thnks to this man. I read some where, Calloway started wearing them when he did a show in Cuba (before all that wild junk with down with the u.s. and cuba), and he saw these suits in a shop, and thought they would be great to wear in his shows. He liked them so much, until he wore them all the time. The Zoot Suit style never really went away. It's been done over so many times it ain't even funny. Take it to the 50's when the mexicans were rockin em durin the zoot suit riots when they went tooth and nail with the sailors. Then lets not even get started on the 70's!!! My last subject would have to be The Great Jack Johnson. My grandfather would spend nights also talkin about Jackson as a great boxer. But there was much more to him than just boxing. He was a true tastemaker in his own right. He lived the fast life, he dressed well, drove fast cars of the times and the BIG ONE, HE DATED WHITE WOMEN!!!!We talk about black men dating them now like its a big deal, but he was dating them when it was a punishable offense to evven look one in the face. That takes BALlS AND NERVE!!! I mean, people don't talk bout it like that, but watch the movie GREAT WHITE HOPE. You'll see his sartorial tate go to work. I could be here all day talkin about black style, but to me these gentlemen represent what the times are trying to imulate. These guys were pushing the envolope around the times of bondage for black people. The Grown and Sexy movement was a nod to the black man of old who was sharp, clean and put together. But, we take it for granted.

Monday, June 23, 2008

True freaks come out in the day time part 2

Freak by nature, freak by sight, am I so wrong, for being so nice!!!?? Fool me once, fool me twice, I almost died on that 05 chilly night, All of this to show and prove , dude was hatin cause I had the kangol, fur coat with the roos, Like jigga man I'll not lose, a beast committing all types of savagery,it's like lookin for a toilet when you have to pee, tired of these gays with their faggetry, I'm livin in Rza's world call it a tragedy, Far from basic, Couldn't see if I had lasik, still I see my way through the fakeness, destined for greatness, I can't appologize for my lateness, i'm just fashionably tardy, grandson of hazel and archie, body never touch ed hardy, I'm here to free enslaved minds, give sight to the blind, and still make it home by dinner time, So don't ask me questions about my blessins, I ain't usher ready to start confessin, play me sweet cause i'm the son of a reverend, you can get a peice of my mind in seconds, the spoken word is a deadly weapon, more leathal than a smith and weston, Thank you god for the erection, two more for the conception.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

A few seconds in the life of a Boss!!


Like I said befor, i'm changin the game this season!!! Three years I've killed pointed and square toe shoes!!! Then as of last year everybody and their mother got a pair!!! Well now this is what it is now!!!! Who do you know with joints like these!!!?? Purple Crocc Skimmers!!!! Ya'll aint ready!!!! Really I don't have to brag about these joints cause they speak for theirselves. Pookie I ya colors!!! lol!!!



Saturday, June 21, 2008


Once again we are back with everybodies favorite trendsetter, my boy Skateboard P. Recently Pharrell has been spotted in the tabloids and all over the place with this huge Croc HAC Hermes Bag. Has about 4-7 of these bags, but the purple joint is the one that gets the most work. I saw P with this bag back in 07 and I fell in love with it. What I love most of all is, he didn't go suck the life out of Louis Vuitton, like the rest of hip-hop. Don't get me wrong I like Loui, might even name one of my kids after the brand (hey pookie, she shakin her head NOOO while readin this lol!), but I swear dudes copied Kanye hard with the Loui Duffles. Put it in my Loui Bag!!! The worst thing happens when the hood gets a hold of something!! To be different from everybody kanye and his boy Don C started rocking the Louis Vuitton breifcases. But hands down, Pharrell smashes them dudes a thousand days straight with the croc joint. Can you imagine Pharrell and kanye havin a coversation over that bag?! LOL! If I were P I would be like, "I spent $75,000(the discounted price that pharrell paid for the bag) on this just to be like nigga you ain't up on this!!" LOL! Well any way, as far as accessories goes, Pharrell is leading the league, Taz Arnold from Sa-Ra is second, Kanye is third, Don C is fourth and yours trully is dead last!!! LOL! Hey with what they usin for bank, I'm proud to be last!!! I been wantin to post this for a min. I know my pookie is goin sick over this bag, she is obsessed with ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING PURPLE!!!!

Thursday, June 19, 2008


There are two blogs on the scene that I need you guys to hit up. For those who are looking for spiritual guidance through the power of prayer and jesus christ, you need to hit up That blog will bring you nothing but the pure uncut word of Christ deliverd than my father Pastor Milton E. Brown, Sr. Then for the young ladies who are trying to be classy young ladies instead of hood rats and project heffas, go to where you can receive proper guidance from a true Diva herself, Veronica Smith, my queen and pookie!!!! please check them both out, and I promise you, your lives will be enriched.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The word of god

My dad pastor Milton E. Brown, Sr of Peoples Missionary Baptist Church

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A breath of fresh air!!!!!

For once Pharrell is not the topic of this discusion. The person who we are going to discusing is the mastermind behind the multi-million dollar empire, A Bathing Ape, non other than my boy nigo. We already know about how his kicks are selling out all over the world, but I just want to talk about his personal style. Now in classic Pharrell fashion, he's another who is allways draiped in bape head to toe. However when I saw this pic of him and Mr. Skateboard at a a BBC store opening, I was rather blown away. I loved the way he's wearing this suit. I really love the fabric that it's made of. Kind of woolish, for the winter months. But it's so crisp on him. I wish I could have seen the a full picture of the outfit. Just because I know he has to have some bapes. I mean, you didn't expect him to throw on dress shoes? now when I see that, i'm going to be floored!!! lol!!!I give it an A. The cap is what keeps the outfit true to nigo's look. Might I add, the suit ishas been well tailored as well. Anyway the king of japanese street wear is showin dudes how to clean up a bit!! It's something I thought i'd never see from him. I mean Pharrell is unpredictable, one min he's baped out, next he's FuZzIn a dinner jacket, dress pants, dress shirt, and bow tie. But until now this is the first time we've seen nigo venture outside of jeans and an oversized bape t-shirt. But any way, kedos for goin hard on em!!!

Monday, June 16, 2008


This institution you're looking at is the imfamous James Hillhouse High School. So not let the decidents of the school fool you. This is the second most dangerous high school in the city of New Haven. And yes I am proud to say i'm a proud graduate of said school. Not for it's violent reputation, but the person who is able survive all four years in that type of school, has received the education that could have never been taught in any other high school in the district. It's a lesson about how to make it in life. I've learned many valuable life lessons in that building. I learned how imperative it is to be an individual. I learned most of all how to deal with people. I'll never forget senior year, I waled into my english class, looked around the room, and I was in a class of people who I knew couldn't stand me. Wild junk was the feeling was mutual. However, the english teacher, was a woman named Mrs. Valano. She looked just like homegirl who wore the Moomoo's on the Drew Carey show!!! And the woman was just as mean and hateful just like her. But what i'll never forget was she made us as a class have to rely on eachother to make it in that class. People who hated eachother in that class, had became best friends because of our one common goal. And that was to pass her class. She didn't mind failing you and she didn't mind embarressing you. At the end of the year, I left out of that class with a greater respect for some of my classmates, who were my enemies. It was wild, she turned our frustration towards eachother, on to her. I mean, when you think about it, it's a text book move. Yeas later I realised what she was trying to do. Bsides her wild antics, she also helped me bring out my passion for writing. She was one who was more interest in your content than anything else!! Man, and people said thy ain't learn nothin in there!!! lol!! but man, that place was fun, the fist fights, the bomb threats, the SWEET HEART BALLS, the thanksgiving day football games, the hillhouse vs cross basketball game, all of those memories were so much fun!!! Man I broke hearts and messed around and got my heart broken big time. Man dealin with my ex in that school, had almost knockin on death's door literaly. But, in hillhouse is where my faith in god had to grow stronger. But man once i got my swagga back, that place. Then it grew stronger because now I got a million people walking down the hallway who were hating, watching, clocking, and ploting my every move. Everyday it was new rumor about me, everyday it was this one who had a problem with who I thought was walkin in here like we bout to go to church!! I mean I can't fon though I would hate me too!! LOL! Dude came through to three sweet heart balls three years in a row with three different fur coats on!!!! Oh and another thing sout out to my partner in this FuZz game PEEPS, was stuntin FuZz in them halls with me. Baggin them chicks with me. Rockin furs at them sweet heart balls with me!!! I could be here all day talkin bout hillhouse high. But, most of all a brotha survived it. I'll never forget a teacher came up to me and asked, how did you take being here all these years? Dude was like this school really wasn't for you. But, I just told him, I just made the best of it andd prayed for better days ahead. And most def, for every one bad day I had about four good days. By the end I really didn't want to leave because I enjoyed myself. Man in between those four years, so many people had transferd, got locked up, quit school, got pregnant and or got somone pregnant. But, I left out of there with a better understanding on life and people. I'm just glad I was appart of that experience.


Nowout of all my celebrity wives Jennifer Hudson is the one I could actually see myself in a relationship with. Nuumber one reason is because I have a thing for a well dressed full figured female. Everybody looks at me funny when I say that. But, to be real I just hate huggin on bones!!!! Oh and wait, I ain't say fat, sloppy and bummy, I said Well Dressed full figured woman!!! But Jen got what i'm lookin for. I mean do ya'll see them hips in that skirt!!! Ok let me chill, but she's my style straight up.

The sexy Jacky Reid

Yo this is what you get when you cross a great body with intelegence!! Forget Ms. Please don't stop the music, this girl is the one who makes short cuts for females sexy. When she used to do the BET news breif I used to be stunned at how naturaly beautiful she was. But it wasn't until three years ago at one of the BET awards shows, and the sensual new anchor decided to wear a very racy dress that sent my heart into shock!!! Somebody had decided to let the dogs out!! lol!!!! That's when I found out how stunning she was!!! Well I had to bump some chicks, so now I got June Ambrose, My new baby Jackie, oh and I can't forget diddy baby mother and Lauren from the hills!!! But Veronica has my heart forever!!!

Sunday, June 15, 2008


Yes ladies and gentlemen, it's true The Best Dressed man on the planet has turned 23 years old June 14the. Yesterday was cool, angry cause I ain't get to go hard on the shopping like I wanted to, but check out the fit ya FuZz had on!!! Hulk Hogan is mad Jelouse right now!!!! Money in the pocket!!!(oh and that ain't the birthday money neither!!!). So ya boy decided to stop over to my home girl T, baby shower!!! While there I ran into my other partner in crime Vick-money, who I must say is building an extensive shoe wardrobe!!!! I ain't mad at her!!! lol!!! While there it was cool, the day took a downward turn because it was a straight wash out later on, forcing me to have do like Jay and Change Clothes!!! All in all it was a good day!!! Most of all i'm glad i'm alive and kicking. Oh but mark my words, I'm going to spazz with the shoppin asap!!!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

coming for my crown by Milton E. Brown, Jr a.k.a Milt-Fresh

Is the love generated out of fear or respect? For this crown I have no need to protect. My position has been appointed and anointed by God. As my chariot rides by I see that glance in your eye. You wish that chariot would swing low, and take me to my resting place in the sky. Better yet casting my soul in a lake of fire would be a better joy. If you wore this crown, the kingdom would be a bigger circus than siegfried and roy. I smell the stench of envy from thy breath. With the mention of the king's name, your face grows discomfort. So many smiles in my pesence, but at night, your desecrate my name. My left eye twitches at the thought of your deceitful plot. My arch rival is a sargent in my army and fighting on my frontline. I guess that's what the bible meant, when it said, "your enemies shall become your foot stool." You don't understand, you are nothing to me. All this talk about if thy were king!!! You aren't even fit to dwell amongst the swine!! Your band of marry men just learned how to wipe the crack of thy behinds. I've been at this for 365 moons plus a lifetime. I will be here til i'm whisked away in old age. Keep making your idol threats coverd by laughs of mockery. While I sit on this thrown, my war has been won. When i'm intiment with my queen in the sheets, the trap you set for me, will be for you. I won't move a finger or flinch. I'll let karma take care of your reched soul.

More inspiration

Every so often I like to take a moment out to show the world, what runs through my mind, when it comes to style or what we on this blog call FuZz. Normally I don't devulge secrets or ideas about my style to people. Yes, there is the possibility of seeing people bite my style. But, the other part is I wouldn't know where to begin if I told you. People have asked me a million times, how do you come up with this stuff? Well majority of the time it's a feeling. I just do whatever feels comfortable to me. Or like in this case, I can look at a picture and just have a revolation, and I'll be moved. I'm inspired by different bulks of fabric when I walk in a fabric store. Or I can walk into a store and just see an item that I know is going to cause havoc as soon as eyes are converged onto it. Well like I said, I can be here all day explaning this. Sh these pics will show you how my mind has been working in the pass year.