Sunday, June 8, 2008

Always in my thoughts!!!!

Even though you guys are gone, your spirits live with me, you guys are resting in peace, but on this earth we live in miserey. So I thank you guys for the joy ou brought to the world. If I had a second chance I would havve made more calls, righted all the wrongs. If I had a second chance we would have partied more, lived it up more. Maybe not that's why your gone in the first place. But through your lives you made me a better person. Smutt, you were right about that other chick, she was no good for me. You never got to see my true wife and ya two nephews, see this one stays true to me. The both of you would be proud of what i've becomee. My man Howard Ave ain't the same without you. It's a new breed of rats, oh my bad brats, who try to be you. But it could never happen. They lack charisma and passion.You were a leader, these dudes don't know how to take action. Man I could never cure this pain with asprin, to dry these tears you would need 50 million napkins. But god bless you both.
R.I.P WILL (cousin)
R.I.P Tanya (my Sister)

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Sexy_Virgo87 said...

Mmmmm.... Babe this One Was Soooo Heart Felt And Sincere. I Loved Every Word