Sunday, June 29, 2008

Nasir West or Esco Fiasco!!!!

Now befor I do this, I want everybody to know I am s nas fan from the heart. I mean we can take it back to when he used to spit with Raekwon and Ghostface on "only built for Cuban Linx". We can take it to his work he did with R-Kelly, when he made "money makes the world go round". We can take it to the belly sound track. the theres Nastradamus!!(i'm givin ya'll different junk than what the average nas fan would say, Example: Live at the BBQ or Illmatic). He is a true lyricist from the heart!!! Nobody will ever question my allegence when it comes to his work as a whole!!!But, I just want to know who is the fool who decided to style my man like Kanye West!!!!!?? When I saw this in a recent issue of Complex Magazine, I was pissed!!! Let me tell you why, the styling is great!!! But this is not Nas!!! Yes he's known to be a style innovator in his own right!! Who could rock a suit and wallabbes (other than Milt-Fresh) like Nas!!! Who made you think twice about rocking a Pink suit(other than Milt-Fresh) like Nas has?!!! Who made you want to rock Red Leather suit with no shirt on, and tell the world Hate Me Now (Not Milt-Fresh LOL!)?!!! He's known for breaking grown with his look!!! There is no need to have my man lookin like he can live through anything if Magic made it!!!! And i'm not crackin on ye neither, cause he's the Best Dressed Rapper in the game right now!!! Or should say Nas look like he bout to kick push!!! Food and liquor for thought while looking to be cool!!! lol!! To me, this was a ploy to have Nas break boundries to a new audiance!!! The stylist should have thought a plan on how to revolutionize his look, instead of making him relevent to a comlex reader(give or take that's what the average Complex reader dresses like lol!). One thing I'll say about Jay is no matter what, he sticks to what he does!!! You haven't once seen him put on somme Skinnies!! And you won't!!! I think I would have thrown a couple sick trench coats on Nas, with a sick graphic t, with a more looser fit jean. The kicks and the Shades could stay!!! Forget about that whole trapped in outer space junk!! I would have hit em with a More boader and edgier look with the photography!!!!! Just my opinion!!! I must say that whole thing left a deep impression on me!!!

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Sexy_Virgo87 said...

Bravo I loved It. The Red Leather Suit With No Shirt Was Funny. But I Love Nas. I mean I Really Loved Him As Sin In Belly. He Was Sooooo And Still Is Soooo Sexy lol Ok Ok Let Me Stop But Nas Howwwww U Dooooin!!! lol Great Job Babe