Saturday, June 21, 2008


Once again we are back with everybodies favorite trendsetter, my boy Skateboard P. Recently Pharrell has been spotted in the tabloids and all over the place with this huge Croc HAC Hermes Bag. Has about 4-7 of these bags, but the purple joint is the one that gets the most work. I saw P with this bag back in 07 and I fell in love with it. What I love most of all is, he didn't go suck the life out of Louis Vuitton, like the rest of hip-hop. Don't get me wrong I like Loui, might even name one of my kids after the brand (hey pookie, she shakin her head NOOO while readin this lol!), but I swear dudes copied Kanye hard with the Loui Duffles. Put it in my Loui Bag!!! The worst thing happens when the hood gets a hold of something!! To be different from everybody kanye and his boy Don C started rocking the Louis Vuitton breifcases. But hands down, Pharrell smashes them dudes a thousand days straight with the croc joint. Can you imagine Pharrell and kanye havin a coversation over that bag?! LOL! If I were P I would be like, "I spent $75,000(the discounted price that pharrell paid for the bag) on this just to be like nigga you ain't up on this!!" LOL! Well any way, as far as accessories goes, Pharrell is leading the league, Taz Arnold from Sa-Ra is second, Kanye is third, Don C is fourth and yours trully is dead last!!! LOL! Hey with what they usin for bank, I'm proud to be last!!! I been wantin to post this for a min. I know my pookie is goin sick over this bag, she is obsessed with ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING PURPLE!!!!

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Sexy_Virgo87 said...

OMG Baby I Absolutly Love That Bag. OMG It Is So Cute I Love It the Purple Drives Me Crazy Soon As I Came To Ya Blogspot Thats The First Place My Eys Went(To The Purple One.) Well So What If Your Dead Last Babe. Like The Good Book Says. That One day Whats First Shall Be Last And Whats Last Shall Be First. Get Ready My Love Your Time Is Coming. I'll Be Right By Ya Side To When It Happens. Graet Job On This One. Purple Purple Purple. Gotta love it Lol