Monday, June 30, 2008

The perfect fit!!!

Today was a cool, laid back day, just enjoyin my last day befor work!!! I know ya'll feel sorry for ya boy, but it's all good. By tommorrow night I'll be alright!!! Wink wink nudge nudge!!!. Keep that on the Down low (without my arm in a sling!!! lol!!)!! But ya'll got to check out my fit!!!! You know we had to show em how to FuZz the skull and bones!!! Lil Express polo!!! Decided to throw the Mob boss Stacy's in the mix!!!! Through a lil roaring 20's tando on the head peice, on em to let em know I'm still not playin with em!!! But you know, check this out:

Lil joint ya FuZz copped at Express today. Lil Graphic sweater vest with a lil hood on it. I ain't a fan of hoody's and all that, however, Express did this right. Couldn't pass this up in there. Lil somethin for these dudes to FALL back with if you catch my drift!!! Trust, i'm gearin up now!!! It ain't a game out here!!!

1 comment:

Sexy_Virgo87 said...

Ok U Look Mad Sexy In The First Pic Thats nothing New To me lol. But I See You Went And Got The Vest That You Sooooo Wanted And Its Nice I like It. Cant Wait To See A Pic Of You In It