Thursday, June 12, 2008

coming for my crown by Milton E. Brown, Jr a.k.a Milt-Fresh

Is the love generated out of fear or respect? For this crown I have no need to protect. My position has been appointed and anointed by God. As my chariot rides by I see that glance in your eye. You wish that chariot would swing low, and take me to my resting place in the sky. Better yet casting my soul in a lake of fire would be a better joy. If you wore this crown, the kingdom would be a bigger circus than siegfried and roy. I smell the stench of envy from thy breath. With the mention of the king's name, your face grows discomfort. So many smiles in my pesence, but at night, your desecrate my name. My left eye twitches at the thought of your deceitful plot. My arch rival is a sargent in my army and fighting on my frontline. I guess that's what the bible meant, when it said, "your enemies shall become your foot stool." You don't understand, you are nothing to me. All this talk about if thy were king!!! You aren't even fit to dwell amongst the swine!! Your band of marry men just learned how to wipe the crack of thy behinds. I've been at this for 365 moons plus a lifetime. I will be here til i'm whisked away in old age. Keep making your idol threats coverd by laughs of mockery. While I sit on this thrown, my war has been won. When i'm intiment with my queen in the sheets, the trap you set for me, will be for you. I won't move a finger or flinch. I'll let karma take care of your reched soul.

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Sexy_Virgo87 said...

Wow...Nothing Left For Me To Say but That Was Deep. I Am Takin Back By This Cause You Were Letting These Individuals Who Want To See U Fall And Fail Have It.