Sunday, June 29, 2008

An air of cool!!!!

The words I use to describe Producer and singer Ryan Leslie. To me he's the only light skinned dude(other than John Legend) that I'll allow to come back in style!!! Lol!! My man ain't just another pretty boy, he's a Havard graduate as well!! Which lets you know, you can still pursue higher education and follow you dream as well. For people who don't know this, he produced the 05 summer club banger, The Cassie Joint, "it's me and you". I can still see Me and my homey vick-money partyin hard dancin our lives away to that joint up in R-Bar(or I should say That Bar LOL!!). Well my boy is out with his own self titled effort, with his first Single, "diamond Girl". The song and Video are on point!!! Might I add the styling is on point as well. after reading up on dude, I learned he has a real eye for style. Two king magazines ago, he was featured in their style break down session(or whatever they call it), and he said, back in college he used to have a tailor, and he made sure when he got on, he would bring him lots of bussiness. First of all it's rair when a person says they have a tailor. Tailoring is a forgoten art, especially when you deal with big bussiness designers, mass production, wholesaling, and ect. People really don't have the time nor the patience to wait three weeks, a month to maybe even a year for a tailor made garment. It's easier to by off the wrack than it is to wait for a hand made garment!! The other part is the fitting. People hate to be fitted for clothes. Getting the right measurements on you, from your thighs, your waiste, arms, you know the parts that tell the truth about your body!!!! lol!!! But when you do decide to put he extra money forth with a tailor, the outcome should be nothing but dynamic!!!! And to read that from Mr. Leslie is a breath of fresh air, from those who get tangled in trends and allow their stylist to dictate their move. It's like I say, having a stylist is like having your mother pick out your clothes. Plus my dude can kill a pair of Tom Ford Shades. kudos to mr. Leslie, may you have longevity in the biz!!!


Sexy_Virgo87 said...

Well, Well, Well, Another Sexy Not My Type Cause He Light Skin Dude lol. I Love The Was He Expresses His Style In The Pics That You Provided And I Must Day I Love The Dimaond Girl Song. But Grat Job On This One Cause Like I Said Before you Know How To Choose Em

Dapper Kid said...

Ryan Leslie is one stylish dude, plus I love his producing style. Oh, and the Diamond Girl video makes me laugh, it's ace!