Sunday, June 29, 2008

At the mall!!!!! (Prada Fila's)

Well once again my pookie and I had a hair raising night out at the Milford Mall. Once again, schools out for all the lil brats, so nothing else better for them to do is hit the mall!!! All in all it was cool. We did run into a dude that had an exclusive pair of Prada Fila's on!!! For some reason he was walking extremly fast!!!! lol!!! Yes, I am a jerk!!! We concluded our night at Bertucci's where they serve you six peices of shrimp, one peice of Lobster over the most nastiest pasta i've ever tassted!!! May I add, the Paperazzi was out last night!!! It seems while my lady and I were dining, these bird head baps were taking pics of us!!! They were dead serious too with that Bright Flash for no reason!!!! LOL! A taste of my own medicine. It was cool though!!! All in all s fun night!!

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Sexy_Virgo87 said...

Welll Seems like We Were having Fun. You Forgot To mention We Seen My #1 Stalker lol None Other Than Chain Boy lol. But We Really Did Have Fun Then At Dinner We Had The Paparazzi Stalkers Taking Myspace Flick lol