Monday, June 16, 2008


This institution you're looking at is the imfamous James Hillhouse High School. So not let the decidents of the school fool you. This is the second most dangerous high school in the city of New Haven. And yes I am proud to say i'm a proud graduate of said school. Not for it's violent reputation, but the person who is able survive all four years in that type of school, has received the education that could have never been taught in any other high school in the district. It's a lesson about how to make it in life. I've learned many valuable life lessons in that building. I learned how imperative it is to be an individual. I learned most of all how to deal with people. I'll never forget senior year, I waled into my english class, looked around the room, and I was in a class of people who I knew couldn't stand me. Wild junk was the feeling was mutual. However, the english teacher, was a woman named Mrs. Valano. She looked just like homegirl who wore the Moomoo's on the Drew Carey show!!! And the woman was just as mean and hateful just like her. But what i'll never forget was she made us as a class have to rely on eachother to make it in that class. People who hated eachother in that class, had became best friends because of our one common goal. And that was to pass her class. She didn't mind failing you and she didn't mind embarressing you. At the end of the year, I left out of that class with a greater respect for some of my classmates, who were my enemies. It was wild, she turned our frustration towards eachother, on to her. I mean, when you think about it, it's a text book move. Yeas later I realised what she was trying to do. Bsides her wild antics, she also helped me bring out my passion for writing. She was one who was more interest in your content than anything else!! Man, and people said thy ain't learn nothin in there!!! lol!! but man, that place was fun, the fist fights, the bomb threats, the SWEET HEART BALLS, the thanksgiving day football games, the hillhouse vs cross basketball game, all of those memories were so much fun!!! Man I broke hearts and messed around and got my heart broken big time. Man dealin with my ex in that school, had almost knockin on death's door literaly. But, in hillhouse is where my faith in god had to grow stronger. But man once i got my swagga back, that place. Then it grew stronger because now I got a million people walking down the hallway who were hating, watching, clocking, and ploting my every move. Everyday it was new rumor about me, everyday it was this one who had a problem with who I thought was walkin in here like we bout to go to church!! I mean I can't fon though I would hate me too!! LOL! Dude came through to three sweet heart balls three years in a row with three different fur coats on!!!! Oh and another thing sout out to my partner in this FuZz game PEEPS, was stuntin FuZz in them halls with me. Baggin them chicks with me. Rockin furs at them sweet heart balls with me!!! I could be here all day talkin bout hillhouse high. But, most of all a brotha survived it. I'll never forget a teacher came up to me and asked, how did you take being here all these years? Dude was like this school really wasn't for you. But, I just told him, I just made the best of it andd prayed for better days ahead. And most def, for every one bad day I had about four good days. By the end I really didn't want to leave because I enjoyed myself. Man in between those four years, so many people had transferd, got locked up, quit school, got pregnant and or got somone pregnant. But, I left out of there with a better understanding on life and people. I'm just glad I was appart of that experience.

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Sexy_Virgo87 said...

I Enjoyed Reading About Your Years And Your Experiances at hillhouse. How I Wish i would have went back to co-op cause hillhouse just wasn't for me lol but you did ya thing and di what you had to do to make it. Kudos to You