Sunday, August 31, 2008

For the love of the FuZz: Young Dro

Now a lot of people might be scratching their heads on this one!!! Everybody loves to talk about T.I.'s swag!!! But the man who to me is the flyest out the PSC circle is Young Dro. Further more he's one of the most underrated dressers in the rap game!!!! Yes I know your gona say he's a hood dude tryin to dress like kanye. But feel me, all he represents is how a down south dude looked around 96-01. When I used to go down south all you would see, is dudes rockin tommy, polo, guess, nautica, claiborn, and a lot of the preppy brands. A few dudes used to look just like dro with the sweater vest, long sleeve button down, with cargo shorts and kicks!!!! But what I love about Dro is that he's not afraid to rock color. Especially with him being Dark skinned!!! OH my gosh!!!! All you hear from black people is Dark skinned people are to black to wear bright colors!!!! I don't want to hear nothin about skin tone when you talk about FuZz!!!! Black people will never allow you to grow as a person because of their hatred!!! Any how, my man Dro is a style Beast!!! Man remember the top back remix video where He stepped out with the the pink and white striped polo with the apple green Chino's!!!!! i know a lot of AKA soroety chicks were in love with the style when he broke out with that fit!!! His style is too raw!!! Any man who talks about wearin salamanda sandles got to be a mean dude!!! I mean my dude wears Linen two peice summer sets(or the club suit as weused to call it back in 02-03). And as this portion of For the Love of the FuZz, comes to an end, I gots to give it to Young Dro on baggin up Fantasia!!! She's a bad round the way sexy hood girl livin the hollywood life off the rawest female voice in the industry. Keep doin ya thing!!!! One FuZz!!!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Louis Vuitton X A.J. Wright collaberation For the Fall!!!

LOL!!! I can't even keep a straigh face while sayin that!!!! Man Was out today shoppin. Went to A.J. wright seein what was in there!!! But I could not stop laughing when I saw these stack of Fake Louis Vuitton Boots!!!! The Louis Futton boots as we should call them!!! Man you know A.J. wright ain't sellin official Loui!!! Man the junk say ZV!! WHAT IS ZV????!!!!! YOP THEY NEED TO BE DRAGGED IN THE MIDDLE OF THE STREET FOR THIS ONE!!!!!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Inspiration part 3

What can I say, inspiration comes in many different forms!!! FuZz!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Better work it!!!!

I know I pull out mad joints on celebrity females. But I got to highlight the badest females in the industry. And Lauri Ann Gibson is one of my top females!!!! Yes everybody knows her from diddy's makin the band!!!! The angry mad dictator dance instructor. I mean can you blame her!!?? She's very intense with her moves. Yo imagine this is the chick who taught 112 how to dance. A lot of people really don't know they were a group of non dancers. But look what happened, they weree goin hard in "it's over now" and "peaches and cream". She does her thing!

One of the reasons the city hates me!!!!!

Ain't no reason why I be buyin expensive chains!!!! I don't know, i've just been in the braggin mood as of late!!! Don't mind mme, its a phase. I just can't beleave I stll love em but they don't love me!!!!

Monday, August 25, 2008

H-Town Hearththrobs could not get rid of me!!!!!

O.k. o.k. That headline is not directed at anybody from Hamden in specific!!!! Or is it? LOL!! Well take it how you want to take it!!! Any way, Killin ya'll with the Yellow suit!!!! I don't do much!!!

Alicia I didn't know you had it in you!!! or on you!!!!

I've been a fan of Alicia Key's Style since her first album. I never really paid attention to it uyntil now!!! Her name isn't Alicia Keys anymore ya'll!!! It's Junk in the Trunk!!!! lol!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Essential item for every man this fall and winter: The trech Coat

The must have item for the fall and winter must be a trench coat!!! I don't care if its 3/4 length or full length, a man needs a trench coat. O.k. I can't sit here and say that!! I am a lover Full length trench coats. I love the way they flap in the wind when I walk with them open!!! LOL! However I do own a 3/4 legnth joint. Trust me, that bad boy gets work too!!! But the joy of a trench coat is they're great for dressing up or dressing down. Either way they bring elegance to you canvas(your outfit). Cashmere trench coats are a vital must in a man's life!!!!! I own a tan one and let me tell you, out of all my trench coats, its my favorite!!!! in those winter months the tan joint gets a lot of work!!!! Now appose to what the majority feel, i'm a fan of leather trench coats!!! A lot of people frown on them because of the gothic influx/treach coat mafia!!! Like I always say its how you wear an item which dictates it's meaning. A black full length leather trench coat does make a bold statement when on a man!!!! Thats why its necessary to have. Many men opted out for more richer fabrics and leave the cow hide alone!!! But leather is not just a thing for jackets. A leather trench coat is very chic and lavish looking. But no matter which one you choose, the trech will do nothing but enhance your look.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

What A night!!!!!

O.K. it was Friday, major pissed that I bought Clipse tickets months in advance and the suckas ain't show!!!! Instead who did Toad's Place get to perform? Speak of the devil, Wu-tang Member Cappadonna. Hey he may be the low man on the Wu kingdom, but it beat doin nothin. So ya boy rolled solo down to Toads to see the joint!!! Yo no lie the joint was live. Ya FuZz took part in one of the most monumental Freestyle session in New Haven inside and outside of Toads. A lot of dudes got a wake up call. Cats ain't no I could get it in on the bars. To tell you the truth the flow session was the livest part of the concert. The joint emptied out while under card acts wee performing to checck the battle out!!!! On the real it was needed for Connecticut hip-hop in general!!! Everybody knows CT don't get no love, yad yada yada yada!!!Too bad I ain't get no video of the battle!!! Next time trust a brotha will have it!!! But I did get video of Cappadonna's performance!!! Homey be doin anything!!! But it was a cool night. I'm mad this sex dude olled up to me, talkin bout he was the Govenor of CT but for the night i held the title!!! LOL! I told im good look!!! LOL! But ome on fam!!! The Govenor!!!! With the Boss talk that I be doin, I don't want to be the Govenor!!!! lol!! that's all i'm gona say!!! Shout out to my dudes from T.C.O who performed that night.

For the Love of the FuZz: Ghostface and Raekwon

Like I said, everybody's favorite Fly dust heads!!!! I'll say the whole Wu-tang have had a monumental impact on hip-hop fashion. Keeping true to the hood, they had a knack for turning nothing into something. However, it was Raekwon and Ghost who took style to the limit. It was funny how they went from being gritty grimey hardcore thugs from Staton Island, to being fly and flashy. I guess thats what money does!!! To me even though Ghost and Rae were tight, I feel as far as the clothes went, they both were secretly in competition. Even though it was Ghost who did the skit on Rae's album only built for cuban linxs, where he had visions about dying Wallabbes. But at one point Rae was known as the Best Dressed member of Wu-tang. He masterd the art of hood casual but still kept it rugged and raw. I'll never forget in the triumph joint he hit em with the sweater vest game. He even hit em in 99 in the outkast joint with the fitted, a sweater vest, Sweatpants, and kicks. But i'm ahead of myself. Both Raekwn and Ghost showed the world their stylistic capability og Wu-tang hit "so simple then" and "Criminalogy" where they killed an abundance of Tommy Hilfiger and Polo!!! And thats what you got to love about 94, 95, and the 96 era. Hood dudes were making preppy brands gutter.Then by the time they brought Wu-Wear into the fold, you couldn't stop it!!! Now that I think about it, it was hard to say who had the harder style out of them both. Cause on the low Raekwon was in high demand a lot of these rappers albums. I remember he was on the track with tash from the liks rockin the sick Iceberg Sweater vest with a sick cartoon dog on it(no it wasn't pluto or snoppy!!!). Then lets not forget how he killed the game with the Iceberg Snoopy joint with the sweat pants with one pants leg hitched up in Fatjoe's John Blaze. To me the flyest video he ever did was "live from New York". Sick jean suits, Fendi Scarf with the matchin ski hat, Louis Vuitton jumper!!!! Then nobody knows this but Raeknown was the first to wear Aeropostal. He just couldn't pronounce it right lol! He rapped about it on Cappadonna album. Then freaked and Aerospostal long sleeve T-shirt in the Frozen video with slick rick. He had a grey and navy blue long sleeve joint with navy blue jean shorts and tan timbs with a navy bandanna on his head. There was nothin like it. But also in 99, Ghost was killin em in his neverr realeased Song "mighty healthy" where he Rocked the imfamouse Tide Jacket with Teal blue kicks and a Gold chain with the Jesus Peice. Then he he was stuntin hard with the Kangols and the Jamaican hats in the Bobby Digital joint in 99. But he went for the jugular vain in "Apollo Kids" where he rocked Lavish Bathrobs, Fur Coats, Coogi Sweaters, Timbs, a sick Iceberg Sweaters!!! It took everything that was hot around 2000 and multilpied it times a million. Then by the time Ghost dropped "Chere che la Ghostface" that nigga was straight showin off. He had the sick Red White and blue bathrob with the red Iceberg pink panther T, navy blue jeans and boots. Then killed em with an apple green fur and a apple green coogi sweater. Then theres the Jean suit with the studs and the Platinum Fubu Sweater that ain't come out til next year at the pool. Then Ghost had the sickest tan fur in the dark Room. But for real, any man who goes as hard as Gostface to kill the Wonder woman Gold eagle arm join, with the Versace dinner peice on his kneck is wild insane. Yo to be real when Ghost got those two joints made, he didn't even have to dress hard anymore. Theose joints spoke for themselves. But Ghost went hard with the Fur Coat game in the remix to Special Delivery!!! OOOOOOO MmmmmmmmmmmYYYYYYYYYYY GGOOOOSSSSSHHH!!!! He stepped out with the Pure white Mink joint to the floor and killed the joint. Yo he made diddy lookin like a small fry(even though diddy was killin the black leather suit tryin carry Ghost's chain!!!). I can go on for days about these two. But the livest photo of any of them is this one up top with Raekwon dipped down in Gucci. Its been 10 years since he took that pic for the source or xxl(I forgot which one, I used to have the mag). Its befor Kanye and Pharrell. Its straight Hood Luxery at its best. Its even befor straight men were rocking Luxery hand bags. Raekwon used to actually Rhyme about Gucci Mocks with no socks on. That photo to me said it. It was needed for the growth of hip-hop fashion. People can refute me all they want. But look where we are now. it paved the way for Kanye to Rock Gucci loafers. And he's a product of the Wu era. Can it be that it was all so simple then!!