Wednesday, August 13, 2008

For the Love of the FuZz: Mr. Willie Brown (no relation)

Class, elegance, suave, old school, all words that come to mind when * hear the name Willie Brown. This Gentlemen is known as the ex-mayor of San Fransisco. But, he's more well known for his dressing ability. This gentlemen is known to have over 100 suits and over 300 pairs of shoes!!! This is the way a mayor should dress(take that Destefano!!!). And number one, he is a hat man!!!!! In my family we've always said, a man isn't dressed until he has a hat!! Most corperate or conservative men go wrong, is the majority their suits are a bit bland. The suit itself may cost an arm and a leg. But the fabric that its made out of can be rather dull. I mean check out the way Mr. Brown does conservative. Window paign plaid joint, browns, navy's!! But the way he puts it together makes it have gumption. His posture breeds confidence!!! Thats the type of individual you want leading you. This is why he's had multiple wins at the primary!!! I'll agree with the statement he made when he urged people who were seeking public office to hire an image consultant. In this day and age image is everything!!! What you say, do, and look can make you or break you in any walk of life.

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