Monday, August 18, 2008

Are we real COOL!????!!!

Its funny when you look at Pop Culture, we are always drawn to what's hip or what's cool. Specially for us as men. Woman struggle with images of what's sexy. But men struggle with images of whats cool. I mean hopefully if we try to act cool, we can attract a woman who is the opitomy of what women are striving to be. But back to being cool. Remember that poem, We real cool by Gwendolyn Brooks? There is so much truth behind that it. "We real cool. We Left school. We Lurk late. We Strike straight. We Sing sin. We Thin gin. We Jazz June. We Die soon. Yeah its very simple but its real. I mean all over the world the image of what cool comes in many different faces and forms. But what amazes me is the majority of the images
that express what cool are negative. Its like how the bible says, what profits a man to gain the world but loses his soul. Look at what makes whats supposed to make us as men cool!!!! Drug use, Alchol Consumption, Cigeretts, over the counter medicine abuse and ect. Not so appealing when reading it. But if its a picture of the great Italian Menswear Store owner Lino Luluzzi Sparking a cancer stick on the Sartorialist Blog page, we call if fashionable. If its Lil Wayne walking around with a white cup like he's at bbq, its hot!!! Or better yet if Jay-z tells everyone to stop drinking Crystal, we drink Dom and Ace of Spade now, its considerd another trend he set!!! I mean this nothing new to us. Back in the 50's cool was the likes of Motorcycle hog James Dean. In a white T-Shirt and jeans he spoke to the youth of that generation. But what made him cool? He was a huge smoker!!! And through out the years living on the edge is whats in. Even though women say different, what woman is really attracted to a clean cut gentleman? He's probably the best for her, however, the female is searching for someone full of life and excitement. Not someone who plays it safe. So she marries the life of the party. Never noticing the life of the party always has a bottle of Henny in his hand. Soon she wants a divorces,the life of the party!!! Why you ask?!! Because he's an abusive drunkard who has kids all over town. Now that's cool!!!!! I mean how long are we going to go, until we smoke and drink ourselves to death? How many bags of weed we got to smoke til we get the point? How many more Huston rappers have to die at the hands of Syrup overdoes!!?? The new face of sippin on sizzurp is Lil Wayne!! But, what I'd hate to hear everyones favorite rapper ends up like Pimp C. Everyone was shocked when he told the world he was hooked on lean. That just shows me a lot of people didn't know what he was refering to in his songs? I like my Sprite Easter Pink!! Look at the videos!! If you tally up all the videos and pics of hiim with a cup in his hand, you have to say to yourself thats a lot of promethazine to be consuming. But to defend his usage he says if he stopped he would go into withdrawl!!! Which can be worst than actually staying on it. So now if you look at it, theres only one way to go if he's never to stop. Hopefully it doesn't kill him. But he's never gona quit drinking it. So its like he's signed his own death certificate and he's willing to accept it. But its wild the Hottest Rapper(I'm still not a wayne fan, he's not the best rapper!!!!) in the game is addicted to the concoction. A lot of people look up to wayne!!! I ain't tryna hop on this role model junk cause everybody has a vice to kick. But his drug use has been sensationalized by the people and the media. Which will hype e stans(Eminem thank you) even more to try to use. I mean and it's not just Wayne. For years Snoop has been the spokes person for smokin that sticky!!!! Which hyped everybody to Smoke weed even more. Back around 93-97 Wu-tang were the flyest Dust heads out!!! Its wild, people can create these live above the influence commercials, but to toast the success of the it you pull out that bottle of vintage 79 Merlot!!! Wow a huge statis symbal!! Just pray to God the producer isn't an acholalic!!! So we're celbrating saying no, another no!!! I guess the poem was right, the cool do die soon!!!

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Sexy_Virgo87 said...

Ummmm......Now That Was Deep. You Spoke The Truth On this One. Most People Are Blinded By These So Call Cool Things Which Will Lead You zto The Grave Sooner Than you Think. I Thought I Was The Only One Tired Of Seeing Lil Wayne With That Cup In His Hand lol. Whats Sad Like You Say Is Alot Of Kids Look Up To Lil Wayne. Not Realizing He Is Messed Up. Yea I like A Couple Of His Songs but these kids dont see that he's a drug addict and a alcoholic. That Right There Aint Cool. They Listen To His Songs And Say Oh Thats Hot. Not knowing that half the time he's rapping about the drugs he take and the drinksthat he drinks. Yea society is kinda messed up. But wha these kids dont understand is being a celebrity aint all its cracked up to be. I mean be it a rapper/singer Actor/Actress. They all struggle with mainly the same thing. Like Heath Ledger And Anna Nicloe Smith. Both Were depressed and realied on prescription drugs to ween the depression and what happened? The Overdosed and died while in there beds. Now what did tha accomplish? Not A Thing It just ended their lives sooner than anyone thought. These kids need to be focused on something other than the limelight and this so-called rapper eater lol. anyways the high life aint all that. Now you can be rich and still be poor(For you slow ones i dont have time to explain lol). Now i may not have all the money in the world but for what i have i am satisfied. Will That stop me from making bigger moves no but i have everything that i ever wanted in a man who's right by my side. My job will get bigger because i dont plan on working where i am for the rest of my life lol. But Being rich always comes with a price. You are garunteed to lose Some good thing in your life over Fourtune, And Fame Because most people when they get rich the lose sight of what it took for them to get there and where they come from. Now my granma told me like i'm sure most others grandparents or parents told them. You Cant Know where you goin Unless you know where you came from. So i'll Leave It At That. Oh And Great Blog Babe Yet Another Masterpiece