Monday, August 4, 2008

Unleashing your A.C.E!!!!

O.k. the gentlemen you see is non other than Frank Kelly out of Florida!!! What's so special about him? Well he's the Esquire Magazine's Best Dressed Real Man in America for 2007. What I like about Frank's look is its well put together. The Tailoring on his suits are impecable. He can go anywhere!!! I mean from the office he can go straight to a dinner at a classy dining establishment and be presentable. What this gentlemen is also doing is showing the world how to be more assertive and leave lasting impressions on people. Which helps when your going for job interview and board meetings. Since winning the sartorial challenge, he's used his program, Unleshing your A.C.E to propel less forunate individuls into greatness. He's gone to numerous Colleges and homeless shelters speaking on the importance of lasting impressions. And not only lasting impressions, but positive impressions. I had the chance to check his program out on Youtube and I must say I love approach. With him you would think he's uptight and stuck up, because he's got on a fine cut Zegna suit and Ferragamo shoes, but he's really a down to earth dude. That man can breakdance like no other!! LOL! I mean check him out on Youtube!! At first it looks like the white guy showing he can relate to our culture. But when you look at the whole entire picture, its what he's trying to break us away from. And that I can respect. Besides the dude is a mean dancer!!!! lol! Plus i dig his style. He's one of my favorite conservative dressers. He's in now way what his appearence perceives him to be. However, he does take style very seriously. In which it should because people do need to understand the power ones appearance does have. In one segment on his page( he takes a two men shopping for a job interview. Even I must say there is a right and wrong way to dress for one. However, many just don't know how. Mr. Kelly proves to be a humanitarian. He's used his five mins of fame to inspire others to live better lives.

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