Friday, August 1, 2008

My rockin timbs chick snd the Gucci loafer girl!!!!

Now everybody is gona look at me strange when I say this, but I had the biggest crush on Foxy Brown, the ill na na since the sixth grade!!!! The ill na na album was rather raw! Def Jam put a lot of money into Fox Boggie back in the day. Everytime you turned around she had a video out. That joint she did with Jay-z back in the day "how nasty"(screw what ya'll say, jay been rockin suits, he just more professional now in his approach, compared to back then), then she did the joint I call "you can catch me at the bar ya'll"( I forgot the name of it LOL!!) then there was the classic sensual remake "got to get you home with me tonight" with Black Street. Oh then there was thhe joint she did with total in 97 "I can't rock with you no more" (had her brother young gavin in a jean suit and stockin cap killin the dance, pretty boy!!!). To this day Fox is my favorite female rapper of all time. Her lyrical ability is far greater than half these broads. i don't want to hear about Jay ghost writtin for fox!! Fox got bars!!!! When Lil Kim came at her on the Mob deep remix to quiet storm and then on Rap city the basement, everybody hought fox was done!!! But the most revolutionary track in beef history, has to be the joint on Capone and noreaga's reunion album "bang bang"!!! I mean, when I first heard it on the DJ clue mixtape I couldn't beleave it, she just straight pulled kim's card!!! I mean that track was befor Ether, takeover, any other beef track you can think of!! But to tell you the truth Fox is my girl, but she be makin some wild descisions!!! like her love life has always been jacked up!!!! She was about to marry kurrupt from the dogg pound, but he dropped her because she was supposedly sleeping with DMX!!! Which caused the biggest beef between 99-2000. A lot of dudes never paid attention to it but that joint DMX did back in the day where he he goes "DMX, what ya'll really want"(once again forgot the name of it!!! LOL! i'm slippin), is directed at kurupt and mobb deep(mobb deep always in somethin, prodigy will never shut up!!!). Then years later she was datin other dudes in the indusry. More recently since her going def, she had been datin male model Tyson Beckford (his stank attitude!!!)!!!
Now as recent as two weeks ago she was datin Rick Ross(please tell me you wasn't a cop for real!!!). Now it looks like Mr ross has dropped her for flavor of love star Bucky or whatever her name is!!! Then lets not forget her wild temper, assaultin a hair store clerk!!! Come on Fox boggie, you too sexy to be buggin like that!!! What I do like about Foxy is no matter what she keeps it hood. Some would say she's copying Lil Kim's style with tryin to be a hood fashion diva who be holdin weight in BK!! Well to me I beleave Foxy befor I beleave Lil Kim. Kim is made for pop culture. Kim is what I call a victum of circumstance!!! What I mean is Kim was born in Brooklyn, but brooklyn really isn't for her. Where Foxy to me is BK all day regardless if she's wear Gucci, Fendi, Dior, Hermes, or whatever!!! And both was of life are great. You have one whose popularity surpasses everything of the old neighborhood. Then the other is defined by the old neighborhood. The only problem with number two is, for foxy, that old hood mentality winds her in more trouble do to her BK attitude. Fox is my baby though!!! Her style is too sick!!!! purse game and heel game is out of this world!!!

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