Friday, August 15, 2008

A knew mind!!!

In this entry I want to be up front with you guys!!! On this blog you get to take a look into not only what being FuZzY is all about, but what really goes on in my head. My views on things and on life. Yes I do get preachy up here!! And guess what?? I DON'T CARE!!!!! Yes we know i'm Fly, Yes we know I dress different!!! But through everything I do, people tend to lose sight or maybe even miss the whole concept of this FuZz lifestyle. It's more than dashiki suits, hats, gold chains, flashy shoes and ect!!!!Its about feeling great on the inside as well as the outside. yes we hear this so many times on makeover shows, but what happens after that party they throw you to celebrate your transformation is over!!!! Stacy and Clinton can only get you so far!!! What happens when the stresses of life start to weigh you down, when the cameras disperse? I mean do you really feel great? There has to be something that keeps us stable through the times when life is hard to bear!! And thats the love of Jesus Christ!!!! To be plain and simple, thats what the basis of this whole FuZzY entity. Its uplifting people, showing them what God can do for them. Its about having faith that the power of God will bring you out of anything!!! We don't even have to take this from a religious stand point, cause a lot of people can't handle that!!! But lets look at it from just the idea of being a better indiviual!!!! I hear people always saying, there are no positive role models in the black community!!! We've gone through the stage where the richest person in the neighborhood was a drug dealer. I'm here to prove that statement wrong!!!! Meaning everything on my back, every stitch, I earned honestly!!! I didn't have to kill anybody or string anybody out to do so!!!!! And others can do the same!! You just have to see your way through your situation. But people have to want to change and most of all, have faith on the change!!! People are so scared of themselves its not even funny!!! People are afraid of what they see in the mirror!!! Thats why I use the statment 'FREAKS COME OUT IN THE DAYTIME". cause a true freak is what they are 24/7. They're not waiting for dusk to turn into a wolf and wreck havoc on the city!!! They wreck havoc on the city when they see fit!!!! And this is what its all about, feelin comfortable about who you are as a person. I mean lets take it to a style stand point!!!! It's easy to follow a trend!!! Its comfortable knowing that theres somebody down the street that looks like me and dresses like me!!! I might not be laughed at as much if I dress like homey over here!!! But it takes balls to step away from conformaty and break the mold!!! I've been doin it all my life!! To the point where when I did conform for five mins, I felt more like a clown. The day I walked into Hillhouse high school(my freshman year) with Navy blue Sean John Jeans on, with the Tommy Hilfiger T-shit and Jordans; I felt the most like a poser!!! Because I was stepping out of my element to be accepted!!! And let me tell you, its not even in the clothes!!! Its in the miind set. The inside, the feeling, the mind, dictates your outside!!! I still wear Tommy, I still wear Sean John. But Tommy and Sean John have a new meaning when i'm wearing them on my body!!! Man is living in an enslaved mentality!!! We let the bright lights, the glit, the glamour and fame poison our eyes!!! I can talk about it, because i've tended to the feilds full of light bulbs, where the shine dwell!!!! I've been sucked into the neon signs and the lights. But, everytime, god whispers in my ear to bring me back to reality!!! Yes I brag, yes I boast about being the BEST DRESSED MAN ON THE PLANET or the $FrEsH-KiNg$, WETHER ANYBODY LIKES IT OR NOT!!! Nothing against any other gentleman who dresses, who has style, or whose into fashion, but God has allowed me the chance to be this way!!!! At a point where I saw no hope in myself, no hope in my future, never thought I would amount to anything; God stepped in and made away for me!!!! That title ain't about self!!! It's about showing people where god can take your life!!!!! It's like that R-Kelly and Nas joint they did back in 99, "did you ever think you'd be this rich, did you ever think that you would have these hits?" R-Kelly's verse was so real!! "I used to think about, how I was going to make it, Strugglin day to day, just tryna get this paper, hopin, the day would, come, when things would go my way, and now i'm livin lavish!!" Thats real, my only thing is he never said, who made the dream possable!!! And that was Jesus!!! Yes ladies and gentlemen I am one of the most materialistic people you will ever know!!! However, I know that material possesions can be gone in the blink of an eye. Statis, can be gone in the wave of a hand!!! Popularity can fade the next second, but the love of God will never die!!!! There is nothing wrong with havingnice things!!! You just have to know who allowed you to do it!!! I'm sorry to say, there are some people who aren't meant to hae power or statis. Because they will straight up abuse it!!!! I mean cats out here don't even want to wait they're turn to be the man!! Thats why theres so much hate!!! Cause instead of people waiting their turn to wear the crown, they want to kill the king to wear the crown!!! It doesn't go like that!!!! I mean to get this far, I had to watch and wait!!! In my younger, real younger days, I had to sit back and watch the dudes who were on top go hard!! I learned the do's and the don'ts from them. So when it became my time to shine I would know how to minover. But people don't want to study any more. People want it now!!! Without work, without sacrifice, and that just doesn't happen!!! Well I got to go, but i'll be back with part 2. It's too much on my mind to keep locked inside of me!!!!

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Sexy_Virgo87 said...

One Word "WOW" Babe That Was Beyond Deep. I Was Enticed By This Enry This One Is my Favorite Thus Far babe to me you are a great man i love everything about you ya flaws(whatever they may be)And All. Babe god is a great man no man can compare to him EVER. Like you said ya materialistic things and your up's Can turn to down's but gods love will always be there no matter what. So you must always keep ya faith in him cause he'll always keep his love for you. Babe i love you and there are great things in store for you. You are a beautiful individual and dont you ever forget it♥