Saturday, August 23, 2008

What A night!!!!!

O.K. it was Friday, major pissed that I bought Clipse tickets months in advance and the suckas ain't show!!!! Instead who did Toad's Place get to perform? Speak of the devil, Wu-tang Member Cappadonna. Hey he may be the low man on the Wu kingdom, but it beat doin nothin. So ya boy rolled solo down to Toads to see the joint!!! Yo no lie the joint was live. Ya FuZz took part in one of the most monumental Freestyle session in New Haven inside and outside of Toads. A lot of dudes got a wake up call. Cats ain't no I could get it in on the bars. To tell you the truth the flow session was the livest part of the concert. The joint emptied out while under card acts wee performing to checck the battle out!!!! On the real it was needed for Connecticut hip-hop in general!!! Everybody knows CT don't get no love, yad yada yada yada!!!Too bad I ain't get no video of the battle!!! Next time trust a brotha will have it!!! But I did get video of Cappadonna's performance!!! Homey be doin anything!!! But it was a cool night. I'm mad this sex dude olled up to me, talkin bout he was the Govenor of CT but for the night i held the title!!! LOL! I told im good look!!! LOL! But ome on fam!!! The Govenor!!!! With the Boss talk that I be doin, I don't want to be the Govenor!!!! lol!! that's all i'm gona say!!! Shout out to my dudes from T.C.O who performed that night.

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