Sunday, August 31, 2008

For the love of the FuZz: Young Dro

Now a lot of people might be scratching their heads on this one!!! Everybody loves to talk about T.I.'s swag!!! But the man who to me is the flyest out the PSC circle is Young Dro. Further more he's one of the most underrated dressers in the rap game!!!! Yes I know your gona say he's a hood dude tryin to dress like kanye. But feel me, all he represents is how a down south dude looked around 96-01. When I used to go down south all you would see, is dudes rockin tommy, polo, guess, nautica, claiborn, and a lot of the preppy brands. A few dudes used to look just like dro with the sweater vest, long sleeve button down, with cargo shorts and kicks!!!! But what I love about Dro is that he's not afraid to rock color. Especially with him being Dark skinned!!! OH my gosh!!!! All you hear from black people is Dark skinned people are to black to wear bright colors!!!! I don't want to hear nothin about skin tone when you talk about FuZz!!!! Black people will never allow you to grow as a person because of their hatred!!! Any how, my man Dro is a style Beast!!! Man remember the top back remix video where He stepped out with the the pink and white striped polo with the apple green Chino's!!!!! i know a lot of AKA soroety chicks were in love with the style when he broke out with that fit!!! His style is too raw!!! Any man who talks about wearin salamanda sandles got to be a mean dude!!! I mean my dude wears Linen two peice summer sets(or the club suit as weused to call it back in 02-03). And as this portion of For the Love of the FuZz, comes to an end, I gots to give it to Young Dro on baggin up Fantasia!!! She's a bad round the way sexy hood girl livin the hollywood life off the rawest female voice in the industry. Keep doin ya thing!!!! One FuZz!!!

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Sexy_Virgo87 said...

I agree i love young dro's style he is the flyest dark dude who aint afraid of color and i think him and fantasia is such a cute couple