Monday, August 4, 2008

Style Break Down: Hood Fashion Featuring Shiest Bub from Purple City

On this blog I'm starting a new segment called style breakdown. This is where I breakdown different looks and styles, and peice together what they mean to pop culture. Today I'll be focusing on Hood fashion. Hood fashion as I would call it, is very fun to observe. For one, it's what got me into liking fashion all together. I mean as a kid I grew up watching my favorite rappers( wu-tang, biggie, nas). Their style was so incredible. It was what they were saying, plus what they were wearing. Like biggie in "hypnotized" killing a versce silk shirt and Allen Iversons!!! I mean thats what hood fashion is all about. The idea that I come from nothing, never had nothing, but don't mess around and let me get my money right!!!! I'm gonna buy a pair of Gucci shades, get my kneck blinged out and rock it with oversized jeans and a white T. I love the thought and the idea behind it.The thing with Hood fashion is the majority really don't care about being in the loop of coutur fashion. Every dude in the hood may not be up on Paris Fashion Week. But talk about coppin Gucci kicks for the club, you'll see every hand raised. But, how many with their hands up can tell me about the accomplishments of Tom Ford? Well anyway,this brings me to the subject of this segment. Shiest Bub the Emperor from the Dip-set affiliated crew Purple city. Now being associated with Dip-Set there is a level of fly you have to uphold, or MAYBE NOT!!!! LOL! But for Shiest Bub, he's known for wearing fly junk. What people don't know is, he started wearing the color purple to represent... Well i'm not going there. lol!! But he gave Cam'ron the idea to wear Pink. Shiest bub was wearin custum purple fur coats, Purple Mauri Gator kicks, Purple basketball jersey's. So as we look at him now, he's got the jean suit (which just made their way back)and a printed shirt underneth. However what brings this into a more fashionable look, is the paten leather Pradas and the Louis vuitton shades. I have nothing bad to say about shiest on this one. For one his Prada's are Authentic, so he dropped the $500 on them. The LV's are hot, he didn't do the still hot but over killed LV Millionares that every rapper and their mother( Kanye, pharrell, Jay-z) are wearing. Which is a plus!! I'm just mad he cut off the easy-e joint he had!! I would have never went bald!!! LOL! He look like my dude Bacardi!!!LOL!!

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