Thursday, August 7, 2008

This was wild to watch, Mtv true life, i'm a compulsive shopper!!!

You I saw this episode of MTV true life on Sunday and it was very interesting. This weeks subject was on two girls who were compulsive shoppers. Meet Gabby(brown). haired chick with the shades) and Ali (the blonde with the uggs). Both of these girls live for shopping. I mean everywhere High end botiques such as Saks 5th to malls to low price shoe outlets. The problem that these girls faced was going in debt with their shopping habbits. To me Gabby had a problem, but she was just a shopping to be shopping. However, Ali was more like meth user with shopping. Every bit of money she made or found was put towards shopping for clothes. And she would be the one with the sickest style. It was so bad that she had to seek professional help from a psycologist. Now i'm cool with accessive shopping. Like Jay-Z said, "i've been rich, i've been poor, i've saved and blown bread." My problem with it, is when you have problems paying your bills and your rent. I mean you can't live large and having the repo man coming for your things. People would love to see that. So you do have to know your limits. I can say that because I have a shopping addiction, I must say i'm three notches away from being like these girls. The only difference is my pride won't allow me to go off the deep end with it. Cause number one I have an image to uphold. Not just with the clothes. Just in general!!! And i'm telling you, shopping is my drug!!! Having my boys order those Stacy Adams shoes, buying that latest Fred Perry Bag, finding new fabric for a suit, then getting that ill hat!!! OH, my god its sending chills up my spine right now!!! But, people would love to see me down and out because I can't fend for myself. I know its hard be we just got to set limits!!!!I mean look at the outcome of Ali's life. Finally the Rent-A-Center came and repossesed her firnature. Her wigs were on the floor, her place looked like a bull and ox made love all over he place!!! The show was kind of a wake up call. It connected with Ali deeper because it proved she had self esteem issues!!! Like they say the man makes the clothes. not the other way around!!!!

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Sexy_Virgo87 said...

Wow I Didnt See This One But I Feel For These Girls. I mean I love Shopping But If I have Other Priorities like Bills And Car Notes Or Even Rent I Would Take Care Of All That First. But I Hope These Girls Realize That Once They have kids They Have To Sacrafice Some Or Most Of Their Shopping Cause kids Dont Come Cheap. lol But Great Blog Babe I loved It