Sunday, August 3, 2008

What a fiasco!!!!

I've been meaning to do a post on this for a while, but I have never found time!! Well through some wild chance(I know I shouldn't say that!!) Lupe Fiasco has been named as one of the men on Esquires Best Dressed List!! He will follow in the Foot steps of Hip-hop's alumni to grace the list such as Andre 3000, Pharrell Williams, and Jay-Z. Its funny when you really look at Lupe's style. Nothing wrong with it, because he sports some ill FuZz!! However, the guys who are on that list are known for sporting a suit at one point or another!!What probably pushed him into sartorial greatness is the "paris tokyo video". Homeboy was killing them with the long over coat, grey suit, with the scarf. Then not to mention that light yellow suit was rather delightful!!! I guess by the time he pulled out the Goyard trunk reference with the matching Goyard carrying cases, it was a done deal for them. Then there is the "superstar" video!!! Whoever style that joint did an ill job. But most of the time Lupe is in Japanese denim and converses, with an ill streetwear shirt or a hoody! Some would argue he's reminiscent of Pharrell befor Bape or BBC. I would agree with that statement. Another statement that gets me, "the reason I get fly is Ibn Jasper!!!!" Half the people don't even know who Ibn Jasper is!! He's Kanye West traveling Barber/sort of stylist/friend who shops with kanye. He's the reason why dudes are rocking designs in there haircuts again. Yes Ibn gets it in on the style tip, but they both get down together because they are skaters and their natives of Chicago.( that was information that had nothing to do with this, I just felt like showing off my knowledge). But i'll give it to Lupe, my man made the list. Its hard to make Esquire's list. This year the majority of guys who made it are rather ecentric. So much so until they were outcasts from last years list. You have a better chance making it on Vanity Fair's International Best Dressed list. They have a lot of ecentric dressers in those pages. So for Lupe to make it on Esquire's says something. But, there is one thing though. The fashion world is in love with streetwear at the moment. Fitted graphic t's that nobody has ever heard of, like HORMONE(that's no a real brand) and tight skinny jeans or japanese denim jeans called Hiku or something, with Nike SB dunks. I mean its a skater look that black people have started to buy into. I hate to say it like this, but white people love it when black kids dress like this. Guys like pharrell and Lupe have bridged the gap between the hood,skater culture, streetwear, and high end couture. They make it popular for these kids to do what they do. So in that notion, I raise my glass to Mr. Fiasco!!!

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