Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Marc Ecko Embossed Skull Canvas Wallet can get the bussiness!!!!

you might be mad after I make this statement, but I don't rock with weallets!!!! Yes Milt-Fresh Best dressed is a grown frerakin man does rock with wallets!!! I love to feel the effect of having my money in my pocket. The wallet kind of distorts that!!!But I wouldn't mind rockin with this Marc Ecko Cut & sew wallet!!! Love the skulln design on it. Looks kind of like something designed by Christian Audiger.But then it seems better designed.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

I love Zota's!!!!!

These are old(well by my standards, when you wear em once they're deamed old)but some how I missed posting these brown and cream croc print zota's!!!! I'm tellin you suckaz, my shoe game ain't nothin to play wit!!! This is how I spend my weekends and mins on the net searching for shoes to kill these suckaz!! I know I know i'm bragging!! Note to self, self stay humble!!! Even youdon't like a bragger!!! But man Zota's got to be some of the illest shoes in the game. Just remeber who got yall on this Zota, stacy adams, impulse, giorgio brutini, masimo ny kick!!!!The one and only milt-fresh!!!! I CAN'T BELEAVE I STILL LOVE EM BUT THEY DON'T LOVE ME!!!! LIKE THE DRUNK UNCLE IN YA FAMILY!!! MAN JAY'S A BEAST!!!! Watch what I cop next!!!!

The couple you could never be like!!!

Old flick of me and Pookie at her cousins wedding. nough said!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Frenchie from American Idol is one of the Sexiest Full figured woman out!! in other news, Tocara does't count anymore!

Now im gonna tell everybody straight up, theres nothing like dating a fly full figured female!!!! Skinny girls is straight, however, a brotha like me needs something to hold on to. living in this world where we're sold the image of thin is in.it seems there aren't that many FLY FULL FIGURED FEMALES in the limelight that will hold up the banner. Well we did have Tocarra but,we all know what happened with that!!! LOL!(trust she's still sexy with her weight loss, bossoms haven't gone anywhere). Whose left? Well there is the sexy Frenchie from American Idol who could sing her butt off but was booted off because of her being in a porno. To be honest aside from her wildlin she is very very sexy. But you got to get it right, I said fly full figured women!!! Emphasis on FLY!!!!! Woman has to stunt hardon the style tip!!!! On the real no woman should be out here not up to par but it's so attractive to see a sexy, well dressed full figured woman. I ought to know, I have one

It's a new day!!!!

They just ain't ready for Milt-Fresh Best Dressed!!!!!

Playboy's without the bunny!!!!!

So last year I walked into a local men's store(don't like saying their name because they act like greedy sharks who never had a meal when it comes to custumers. plus they think they know black men). I had tuns of shopping bags from other stores, and they wanted to see what I had bought. Well they noticed I had an all black pair of wallabbe clarks. So trying to make a fast buck, dude says why don't you try the old playboys. So I look at em, I wasn't really diggin em. I know back in the day playboy's were distant cousins to the wallys,but the way GBX did it with their color selection kind of turned me off. Well on the beginig of this year I started to see new colors for their selection. And I can't stunt i'm rather thrilled. I seen an O.G. dude who wears nothing but these and rocks the mess out of them. He's got the rust color pair, the baby blue pair, the navy blue pair, ect. But what took me for a loop was this purple pair. These are too rough for the souls of mortal men. But what was turningme off was the drab color selection. If they came in brighter colors they would be more aceptional to wear to even formal functions(if you didn't feel like wearing hard bottom shoes, which is very rair for me). In many cases brighter shoes do stand out and if you feel like getting your inner negro on, and pair4 them just right, even a casual shoe can look dressy. Like most casual shoes thrown with suits look like they're thrown together bcause their feet are tired. And thats how I felt about they playboys, until I saw the alternate colors.

Brittney from Top model got it goin on!!!!!

I don't watch tp model like I used to, Britt got it goin on!!!! But she's too skinny for me!!!! LOL!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Toooo FuZz for em!!!

GBX slip on's is gonna change the game on these suckaz!!!!!

Get that Wild peach joint!!!!

It's thursday, Raining, still cold, and work was very off the wall wild!!! A brotha just felt like unwinding and kickin back with his lady. So ny pookie and I went bback to the Ollive Garden to relax and have some laughs. I don't know why everywhere we go theres a off the wall sick individual who just can't stop coughing all over the place!!! Lol!!! I shouldn't talk cause I had the wild sore throat today!! Joint was killin me til I took the theraflu!!! Junk had me on some mellow junk!!! Ad I will go down saying everything tstes better on my pookie's plate!!! If I get it, it will taste wild or look like somebodies blatter!!! LOL! But it was a great night. Now if I can only get her to see the haunting in CT with me!!! hhhhhmmmmmmmm. Taking baby steps. Oh and my pookie's shoes looks better than yours!!!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I know this is old, but raphael sadiq was killin this fit for the soul stage performance!!!!

This fit looked like something Nana or Ozwald Botang would wear. Loud wild color with a bespoke fit. You got to love it. The performance was ill, but to me the fit really set the stage for the evening. A+ in my book

Milt-Fresh will be back on Mob TV this saturday!!!!!!

Yes ladies and Gentlemen, Ya boy Milt-Fresh got invited to spit again on the Early Morning Mob show on CTV. They're doing a live taping, brotha gotta be there at 11 so I guess they're taping at 11:30 or 12. For everybody in New Haven County who tunes in it on either channel 27 or 28. Please tune in to see Milt-Fresh get it in with the Bars!!! Stay FuZz!!

The designers for the Stacy Adams SAO'S should have been dragged out in the street and beatt Rodney King Style!!!!!

I never understood how you could even OK some mess that looked like this!!! Back in the day I never knew Stacy Adams MO behind the SAO line. I mean yeah, there trying to compete with Giorgio Brutini and GBX, but come on!!!! Make somethin that looks live enough to wear!!!! Junks is mad sex!!!! Look at the freakin sole!! Niggaz came in drunk from the club and started designing!! I hope whoever they were got fired for these designs!!! Makes me want to go put on some freakin Mountain gears!!!! Shoes freakin discust me!!!!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


What's FuZzN ya'll, ya boy is out here trying to withstand the coldest spring ever!!! LOL! Excuse the blurry pic, things got a lil FuZzY out there! LOL! Lil FuZz in my eye. decided to throw down the black dahiki suit today. For some reason I hate wearing black shoes with a black suit. Nothing against those who do, because when I was younger I used to. However, It just seems drab to me to all black it. So I just threw down the plaid Le Monde Joint, pork pie and the Albertos on the feet. I don't know why older women wanted to steal my shoes!! LOL! I mean they are sick joints. Pops and I workin hard on a couple new fits that will definetly take the World by storm. More over I ask for eveybody to find time to practice peace. I know it's hard, but let us just take time out to look for it. Take care of yourselves.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Fred Perry Checkerboard Holdall is a must!!!!!

Was checking out Urban Outfitters page and what would i find? Another great addition to The Fred Perry bag family. This time they decided to channel the style of high end Luxury brand Louis Vuitton with the Checker print. Hense forth calling it the Fred Perry Checkerboard Holdall. Yes I need this bag in my life. As everybody knows, i'm a huge collector of Fred Perry Bags(please check the 08 posts, went nutso with them). Normally i don't mess with brands that bite concepts from other brands(like Guess when they did their version of the Gucci GG), but this case the bag is too ill to pass up.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

DID I DO THAT????!!!!

What's FuZzN ya'll spring is here but dang its freakin feelin like January out here!!!!! Lot of stuff goin on for ya FuZz!!! Tryna get my bars tight for JP's open mic night next tuesday!!!! Tryna go hard in that peice!!! Please pray I don't throw the mic this time when I spit! Man I don't know what be comin over me!!!! All I know is I be freakin goin crazy gettin amped up then boom, the mic is down for the count!!! LOL! Missed mad concerts, the common and the busta rhymes joints at toads place. I know they missed me down there. Well it don't matter, the N.E.R.D concert will make up for it!!!That Jadakiss/green lantern mixtape is the freakin joint!! Nothin but hard bars!!! I really think the 50 vs Rick Ross beef is a waste of time. Honestly theres nothing else you can realy do to rick ross, he's already been at his lowest by being called out for his past job as a CO. can't really go further than that unless you call him gay!!! And lil wayne proves you can bounce back from that too!! Hats of to Ross for my favorite grimey balla anthem Mafia music. Zota's, stacys, Rockports, all in my range of footwear. Suckaz not ready!!!! How cmany times I say ya'll not ready!!!

This guy is one person I hate to see dressed up!!!!!!

50 really urks me when he wears a suit!!!!! Best he looked in a suit was the MTV awards when he strolled the red carpet with vivica!!! I guess karmas a bad motha shut yooooo mouth!!!! LOL!


Am I the only one that recognizes that this company has to leave the K off of black for copy right infringment purposes!!?? LOL! Theres another Black Label brand and I sure know there not trying to be locked in litigation!!! Since 1968 don't mean nothin!!! But seriously, I hate blac label, I think I hate Ed Hardy a tad bit more though!!! Just understand, I rocks with the originals, DKNY and Express all day urrrr day suckaz, underneath a dashiki top!!!!

Dinner with the Mrs!!!!

Well tonight my pookie and I made our way back on the scene after a real llllllllllloooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnngggggggggggggg hiatus!!! lol! We decided to hit Olive Garden, one of our few dining spots(well it's a chain resteraunt, not that exclusive, but trust it's a cool place to chill) Had to get my stuffed mushrooms. I've been trying to get pookie, to try one, but she ain't tryna hear me!!!! As you can see, somebody who will remain nameless could't handle their plate!!! LOL! Once again the heavyweight eating champion of the World is that dude Milt-Fresh!!!! Somebody jacked me for my watches and was rollin around half the night with them, thinkin they was ballin!!!! LOL! One thing for sure though me and pookie came to an agrement, We're tired of suckaz walkin round the club with a bottle of Hypno in theirr hands!!! Further more tired of those suckaz at the grown and sexy party with the blazer, dress shirt, Akademiks jeans, a fitted and jordans, with a bottle of hennysee in one had and a wine glass in the other walkin round the club!!!!!! Straight suckaz!!!!! LOL! But all in all the night was fun!!! God food, great laughs, and great company from the love of my life!!

Ralph Lauren Polo Plaid Boat shoes are FuZzN sick!!!!!

Yes ladies and gents, your favorite shoe lover is back with another pair of shoes for your viewing? Keeping up with my recent Boat shoe kick, I bought these Ralph Lauren joints yesterday to go hard in. Right now Boat shoes are sooooo FuZzInG ill!!! Even sicker whhen I rock it with my Tuxedo Chic look. It's wild when you see people's reaction to it. Specially people who know my shoe game. They're like, what is this, a new style you comin out with? We'll somethin like that!!! Just a different contrast. It's my equivilent to wearing sneakers and a suit!!!! Rest in peace to Jeans and sneakers, they goin from G's to Gents like C and Creepa(don't jack my bars suckaz!!!! It's already on video tape)!!!!! The polo joints are a sick addition. Next i'm attacking the Rockports!!! yes i'm leaking my own strategy!!! And I don't care!! Why because you know where you got it first!!! You know who did it the best!!!But I love em anyway!!!! FuZz!!!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

She loves wearing my sweaters!!!! LOL!

If I were a boy!!!! LOL! Nah, my pookie got it goin on in my sweater/hoodie

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Ghetto beauty!!!!

Jha jha formerly of dipset!!!! too sexy!!!!

Monday, March 16, 2009



The Journal of a FuZzY Black Man!!!!!! Part 1

What's FuZzN yall, good look on the title cosign pookie!!! As yall can see I'm in love with African headdresses. I have six of them and they cause soooooooooooo much pandimonium when i wear them. Somebody asked me about what is it suposed to mean. I told the person it stood for me being the King of the city!!! People take a deep breath when I say that. Very bold statement. Very Ali of me!!! But thats how it is. My style is very bold and in your face. It challenges the eye and the mind. Many can't get with it. I uunderstand. To me style was created in the Garden of Eden when Adam and Eve sinned. Once man became aware that they were naked, there became a need to cover ones self. So how you cover yourself conveys a statement. I'm about Extravegence!!! Bright colors, bold patterns thats Milt-Fresh!!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Rick Pitino Crushed these suckaz with this fit last year!!!

I remember last year my dad and I were watching this game and I couldn't beleave I was seein Rick in a white suit. It's rather shocking for a basketball coachh!!! A may i add white coach. I wouldn't expect to see white dress shoes like diddy or a pair of white high end Louis vuitton trainer like kanye, but he kept it true to himself with a dark shoe!!! Got to love the quality. I just hated ESPN's comments about his savy attire. Claiming he looked like John travulta or scareface!!! The last straw was when he switched into a black suit because he spilled coka cola on his fit!!! Very baller to have two suits with him at the event. But anyway, He gets a thumbs up for the look!!!

Hometown Land marks and memories!!! The Barbell, where everybody in the Hill got their party on!!!!

Was out chillin in the hood today and I rolled up on Carlsle Street. This picture that you have the pleasure of lookinng at is the remnence of a monument that was irrected for the youth of the Hill neighborhood in New Haven, CT. The original name is the Hill Cooperative blah blah blah!!! Round the way we called it the Barbell. Basicly a local gymnasium that housed some of the most rowdiest parties that you ever wanted to be in!!!! in high school I used to love to party up in there!!! That's one place I never suited it to. Always went hood casual!!!! Kangol, button down, jeasns and durango boots(what did you think I would wear? A jersey?). I've got toooooo many memories in there!!!! My boy will(R.I.P) was side by side freakin girls like crazy in there. Then there was the time my cousin got thrown out the barbell because he was from the wrong neighborhood but grew up in the hill. Mind you a bouncer told him that!!! LOL!!! I know it was wrong, but we tried to tell him switchin sides ain't cool(New Haven hates crew hopping worst than snitchin)!!! Then lets not forget the imfamos Roc Vs D-Block beef of 02, where all the D-Block guys were in the miiddle of the street with their air brushed flight jackets turned inside out on the orange side in a mean football huddle tawnting Roc dudes( guys making neigborhood crews out of anything popular at the moment, thats the hood for you). Then there was the time I got caught out in there twice!!!!! Man I'd be here all night talkin bout this place. Just sad to see it look like this. They stopped the funding on it because it became a liability risk do to all the fights and shot outs that used to occur. At that point it really set in how people try there best to create places for the youth to go, but they'd rather have fists fights and shot up the place!!!! I'm s be flat out honest!!! I never went for the drama!!! I went to freak girls on the floor!!! I wasn't into the neighborhood beef. Had a lot of friends and family that were, was identified with bein from the hill, but that neighborhood beef mess was corny to me. And still is. Now a days community centers aren't tryin to sponser neighborhood parties anymore, so now the downtown club scene is tryna pick up the revenue by having all age parties, thinking they can handle it because they have bouncers. Bouncers mean nothing when there stomped out by mobs and shot to death. Soon after a while the clubs will relealise that the money isn't worth the agrivation of having somebodies child stabbed and shot to death, like community centers have felt. Well anyway, this picture has too many memories housed in it.

Fashion music beef on wax!!!!!

Was watchin TMZ one night(yeah for a dude that hates gossip or drama i like to watch it on tv) and I couldn''t help but be intrigued to see there was a lil beef between mtv hill's couple Spencer pratt and heidi montag and Futuristic style icon pop sensation Lady Gaga. It seems the sqirmish is over a song called fashion that Heidi did for my favorite movie in the world, confessions of a shopahalic sountrack called fashion. Well Hiedi did the song first and Lady Gaga did a cover of it. Well turns out the record company for the soundtrack liked Lady Gaga's better and they decided to use it. Well in true spencer pratt form he decides to bash Lady Gaga's performance of his wife's song. Then going for the clencher by remarking that somebody needs to save them from Lady Gaga's style. Funny thing is Heidi isn't saying anything. In which she sould. Theres only room for one jerk and spencer takes that award. Yes you guessed it, im a Lady Gaga supporter. What can I say she's a Style Beast!!! She took up where Gwen Stefani left off. Right now the Queens of style are MIA, Santogold, and Lady Gaga, all else is uncivilized!!!! Take that spencer!!!