Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Movado's Fit was too special!!!!

I was definetly feelin Movado's fit at Rip the runway last week. As i've stated befor I love the way carribian men get their stunt on. Their not as afraid as men in the states are with color and design. specially reggae stars. they're known for being flamboyant dressers. and this fit speaks that. The juelz with the suit aspect, the red dress shirt. the design on the suit. Fit is very playerish. would have loved to see the effect the outfit would have if the dress shirt was tucked in. However, it still makes a bold and smooth statement. Recently, cats been hatin on the 70's dress shirt collar bloused look. but i can't help it, its retro, its so 70's swinge. Soooooo studio 54. At times i still rock it. once in a blue. but over all its a serious outfit. plus im diggin the sexy plus size girls rockiin out on the set set. yo theres nothin like a sexy plus size female. skinny girls can't hold weight! that was a wild one i know!!! lol!

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Sexy_Virgo87 said...

Yes the Big Girls Correction Plus Size Barbie Daoll Divas Were getting It In. Aint Nothing Like Us. Yea Movado Is My Nigga Even Though I Think He Ugly lol