Saturday, March 28, 2009

Frenchie from American Idol is one of the Sexiest Full figured woman out!! in other news, Tocara does't count anymore!

Now im gonna tell everybody straight up, theres nothing like dating a fly full figured female!!!! Skinny girls is straight, however, a brotha like me needs something to hold on to. living in this world where we're sold the image of thin is seems there aren't that many FLY FULL FIGURED FEMALES in the limelight that will hold up the banner. Well we did have Tocarra but,we all know what happened with that!!! LOL!(trust she's still sexy with her weight loss, bossoms haven't gone anywhere). Whose left? Well there is the sexy Frenchie from American Idol who could sing her butt off but was booted off because of her being in a porno. To be honest aside from her wildlin she is very very sexy. But you got to get it right, I said fly full figured women!!! Emphasis on FLY!!!!! Woman has to stunt hardon the style tip!!!! On the real no woman should be out here not up to par but it's so attractive to see a sexy, well dressed full figured woman. I ought to know, I have one


Sexy_Virgo87 said...

Go Head Frenchie. This My Homegirl Right Here She Can Sing Her Behind Off. Besides She Is Very Pretty

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