Monday, March 9, 2009

Meet Amber Rose, Kanye's new chick!!!!

Since Kanye and his ex fiance Alexis Phifer parted ways, Kanye has been seen around many events with new arn candy. So like the caption says, meets Amber Rose. Occupation, Video Vixen and Hip-hop Magazine pin up girl. They were scene arm in arm at New Yorks's Benz Fashion Week. It seems Kanye wasn't fibbing about his love for video girls. I'm gonna be flat out real, THIS CHICK IS BAD!!!!! Her style is way raw FuZz. I know this statement maybe irrelivent, but did I mention ome girl is best friends with Rhianna(I know it's hard to say her name without shaking her head, but think style wise)? There are few chicks who could pull off the shaved head look and still look sexy, but she defies the laws of gravity. At one point it seemed like Ye was becoming notorious for dating the same type of chick. Brown Skinned long legged model type that Morehouse AKA Delta Fedi Bag chick. But Amber got some serious edge to her. One thing being said, Kanye always has a stylish chick by his side. However, this girl really matches his style. Martin LouiI tilts my godfather hat to you for this one!!!! Oh and I have to say the top pic is very powerful!!!

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Sexy_Virgo87 said...

I Agree She is Rockin The Shaved Head Look And She Is Very Pretty And I Must Go On The Record And Say Her Shoes Are bad. The Top Pic Is Hot Ole' Dude In The Blue Is Killing It And The Chick On The Other Side Of Kanye Is Fly. All In All I must Say She Is Very Stylish Go Head Kanye.