Thursday, March 26, 2009

Get that Wild peach joint!!!!

It's thursday, Raining, still cold, and work was very off the wall wild!!! A brotha just felt like unwinding and kickin back with his lady. So ny pookie and I went bback to the Ollive Garden to relax and have some laughs. I don't know why everywhere we go theres a off the wall sick individual who just can't stop coughing all over the place!!! Lol!!! I shouldn't talk cause I had the wild sore throat today!! Joint was killin me til I took the theraflu!!! Junk had me on some mellow junk!!! Ad I will go down saying everything tstes better on my pookie's plate!!! If I get it, it will taste wild or look like somebodies blatter!!! LOL! But it was a great night. Now if I can only get her to see the haunting in CT with me!!! hhhhhmmmmmmmm. Taking baby steps. Oh and my pookie's shoes looks better than yours!!!!

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Sexy_Virgo87 said...

Lol Yea We Had Fun Babe. I Almost Ate All my Food lol Yay me. But That Dude Was Couchin Wild Hard Up In The Olive Garden Joint(Lol Soundind Just Like You). Mad I Look Like I'm Winking At The Camera lol. But Until Next Time Get The Wild Peach Joint In The Tall Glass lol