Saturday, March 7, 2009

For the Love of the FuZz: Brad Goreski (YEAH IT'S BACK SUCKAZ!!!!)

Yes ladies and Gentlemen back by popular demand is the For the love of the FuZz sement. For new readers to the blog its the portion where i highlight an individual (be it a celeb or an every day person) that represents what being FuZzY is about!!! Yes yes I know I was on a hiatus but we're back!!! With that being said i'd like to call to attention the style of Brad Goreski the assistant to celebrety stylist Rachel Zoe!!! While watching the Rachel Zoe project one statement stuck out in my head when she described his look. She said he was almost that of the great gatsby with the jackets,, sweaters and Bow-ties. Then I thought about it, yeahhe kind oof is almost a modern day version. To be real he kind of channels Vanessa Williams assistant on ugly betty. More even he's a great example of what my dude Gurre calls Nerd chic. However, I want to call something to attention. It's funny when I see this, but there are a lot of men and some women, who are more into clothes than shoes and vice versa. Yours trully is into both, you can't have one without the other. What am I getting at? Brad's style represents a person who is more into clothes. From these picks, you see monumental jackets, jaw dropping sweaters, crisp bow-ties, but if your able to see the shoes they're rather muted. To me that's fascinating, because it transends into ones syle Philospy. How a person communicates style. Well brad is most def on my list when it comes to the FuZz.

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Sexy_Virgo87 said...

Alright Now He Sharp lol I Do Remeber Him From her Show He's A lil Emotional But He Can Dress