Saturday, March 21, 2009

DID I DO THAT????!!!!

What's FuZzN ya'll spring is here but dang its freakin feelin like January out here!!!!! Lot of stuff goin on for ya FuZz!!! Tryna get my bars tight for JP's open mic night next tuesday!!!! Tryna go hard in that peice!!! Please pray I don't throw the mic this time when I spit! Man I don't know what be comin over me!!!! All I know is I be freakin goin crazy gettin amped up then boom, the mic is down for the count!!! LOL! Missed mad concerts, the common and the busta rhymes joints at toads place. I know they missed me down there. Well it don't matter, the N.E.R.D concert will make up for it!!!That Jadakiss/green lantern mixtape is the freakin joint!! Nothin but hard bars!!! I really think the 50 vs Rick Ross beef is a waste of time. Honestly theres nothing else you can realy do to rick ross, he's already been at his lowest by being called out for his past job as a CO. can't really go further than that unless you call him gay!!! And lil wayne proves you can bounce back from that too!! Hats of to Ross for my favorite grimey balla anthem Mafia music. Zota's, stacys, Rockports, all in my range of footwear. Suckaz not ready!!!! How cmany times I say ya'll not ready!!!

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