Saturday, March 14, 2009

Fashion music beef on wax!!!!!

Was watchin TMZ one night(yeah for a dude that hates gossip or drama i like to watch it on tv) and I couldn''t help but be intrigued to see there was a lil beef between mtv hill's couple Spencer pratt and heidi montag and Futuristic style icon pop sensation Lady Gaga. It seems the sqirmish is over a song called fashion that Heidi did for my favorite movie in the world, confessions of a shopahalic sountrack called fashion. Well Hiedi did the song first and Lady Gaga did a cover of it. Well turns out the record company for the soundtrack liked Lady Gaga's better and they decided to use it. Well in true spencer pratt form he decides to bash Lady Gaga's performance of his wife's song. Then going for the clencher by remarking that somebody needs to save them from Lady Gaga's style. Funny thing is Heidi isn't saying anything. In which she sould. Theres only room for one jerk and spencer takes that award. Yes you guessed it, im a Lady Gaga supporter. What can I say she's a Style Beast!!! She took up where Gwen Stefani left off. Right now the Queens of style are MIA, Santogold, and Lady Gaga, all else is uncivilized!!!! Take that spencer!!!

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Sexy_Virgo87 said...

Yo For Some Reason I like Lady GaGa Thats my Homegirl For Real. Oh And MIA Style Is Mean Also Thats my Other Road Dog lol