Saturday, March 14, 2009

Rick Pitino Crushed these suckaz with this fit last year!!!

I remember last year my dad and I were watching this game and I couldn't beleave I was seein Rick in a white suit. It's rather shocking for a basketball coachh!!! A may i add white coach. I wouldn't expect to see white dress shoes like diddy or a pair of white high end Louis vuitton trainer like kanye, but he kept it true to himself with a dark shoe!!! Got to love the quality. I just hated ESPN's comments about his savy attire. Claiming he looked like John travulta or scareface!!! The last straw was when he switched into a black suit because he spilled coka cola on his fit!!! Very baller to have two suits with him at the event. But anyway, He gets a thumbs up for the look!!!

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Sexy_Virgo87 said...

Oh yea he is doin it. and i agree and yea he smart cause anybody who wears all white better have a back-up suit lol i know i would