Thursday, March 12, 2009

Wayne's searchin for his prom queen!!!!

I'M STILL NOT A WAYNE FAN!!!!! LOL! had to get that out my system!!!! LOL! But recently after riding the success of the carter 3, wayne is slatted to drop a new album in the months to come, but with a different twist. He's coming out with get this a Rock and Roll album called the rebirth!!! I mean i'm really not surprised seeing that he really knows how to play the guitar(leather so soft anyone!!!??)and he's running around dressed like a hypebeasted hipster from Soho!!! The first release from said album is a song called Prom Queen. Which I must say is a very very hot song, I gots to give the man credit. The video is even rawer. Really the video helps the song make even more sense. Tracking wayne trying to talk to the most popular girl in school, but she ain't givin him the time of day. She dips off with prom king. Queen gets pregnant over the years while wayne's music career takes off. In the end shows the classic Triumph of the Nerd getting revenge through success in the end. Great concept, I see cameo from Jonathan Davis from korn(used to listen to adidas like crazy back in the day). You know, I would actually buy the rebirth just to see how it comes out. only issue is, I wonder how many of Wayne's supporters who are used to Wild Syrp overdosed hip hop lyrics will get down with his syrup filled rockstar sound. Now I want to see what the first week sales for rebirth will be like. Over all Prom Queen is a mean joint.

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