Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Hear no Evil, See no evil!!!!!

What's FuZzN world. Lot of things been goin on in the wild world of Milt-Fresh. Tryna lay these bars down for this track. Can't talk about it now, but it's gonna be powerful and monumental. Had my new striped Mo's on today, got a lot of quick gllances at work, in the hood and out at dinner!!!! The fit was ill anyway!!! LOL! but on the real, learned a lot about people over the weekend. It's funny how time apart from old friends can make one bitter. Lives go into different directions. Many lost sight of what the bond was. The harsh part is the fall out. The feelings of anguish because one is mifted at the lack of communication. Also having to play secondd fiddle in the orchestra of life. Not understanding while you've helped other acomplish goals and create self esteem, your time had finally come. Problem is others don't know how to handle the success that god has given you.Mainly because it would take away from their time. However, I harbor no ill towards them. In this instints, I just pray for their souls. Because I do care for them. We were cut from the same cloth, cut from the same wood!!! Don't mind me, just airing out feelings. Anyway, enough with the emotional talk!!! Yo, been bumpin the New Ryan Leslie and Musiq joints!!!! Both Albums are a breath of fresh air to ot only R&B, but to music in general. Do yoursself a favor and cop them for ya life!!!!! Not for nothin, I got to say this, I can't stand when peple butt into conversations and don't know the subject matter and try to front like they're mad intelectual!!! Love letting the wind out of their sails!!!! Mind ya bussiness Suckazzzzzzz!! My new favorite song of the moment has to be Dancin on me by DJ Webstar feat Jim Jones and juelz. Unlike pop champagne that song didn't really need the byrd gang on it!!!! That beat gets me hyped to dance in a party!! Oh wait, congrats to Rick Ross on that new track with John Legend!!! That track is a certified hit!! Tilts my hat to whoever styled the video!! Milt-Fresh will def be in the buildin at the N.E.R.D concert next month FuZzN tooooo hard on em!!! OH SNAP POOKIE FINALLY FOUND OUT SHE'S MY SISTER!!! INSIDE J/K!!!! Anyway, til next time people keep ya heads up. FuZz!!!

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Sexy_Virgo87 said...

Wow Babe The First half Was Deep. Anyways i Am Not Ya Sister lol We just Been Together For @yrs And 3months lol