Sunday, March 29, 2009

I love Zota's!!!!!

These are old(well by my standards, when you wear em once they're deamed old)but some how I missed posting these brown and cream croc print zota's!!!! I'm tellin you suckaz, my shoe game ain't nothin to play wit!!! This is how I spend my weekends and mins on the net searching for shoes to kill these suckaz!! I know I know i'm bragging!! Note to self, self stay humble!!! Even youdon't like a bragger!!! But man Zota's got to be some of the illest shoes in the game. Just remeber who got yall on this Zota, stacy adams, impulse, giorgio brutini, masimo ny kick!!!!The one and only milt-fresh!!!! I CAN'T BELEAVE I STILL LOVE EM BUT THEY DON'T LOVE ME!!!! LIKE THE DRUNK UNCLE IN YA FAMILY!!! MAN JAY'S A BEAST!!!! Watch what I cop next!!!!

1 comment:

Sexy_Virgo87 said...

I Like em Too Beb Go On Crock lol