Monday, March 23, 2009

Fred Perry Checkerboard Holdall is a must!!!!!

Was checking out Urban Outfitters page and what would i find? Another great addition to The Fred Perry bag family. This time they decided to channel the style of high end Luxury brand Louis Vuitton with the Checker print. Hense forth calling it the Fred Perry Checkerboard Holdall. Yes I need this bag in my life. As everybody knows, i'm a huge collector of Fred Perry Bags(please check the 08 posts, went nutso with them). Normally i don't mess with brands that bite concepts from other brands(like Guess when they did their version of the Gucci GG), but this case the bag is too ill to pass up.


Karl-Edwin Guerre said...

like yourself i'm not big on brands that copy others in terms of originality ... however this one is one to think twice about. I may not get it, but i certainly wouldn't hate on the person that does. this is a solid bag, great look, backed by a solid reputation.

Sexy_Virgo87 said...

:-) Babe i must add that i am loving this bag. shoot you get this and we go out i aint carrying no purse im putting my stuff in ya bag lol.