Thursday, March 12, 2009

Feelin it!!!!!!

Yes yall Milt-Fresh is in the buildin, rocked my plaid Mo's today!!!! Got to love those joints!!!! Any way, song I been really feelin recently, is All that I got is you by Ghostface. Joint is a real tear jerker when you sit down and think about life. Man you become greatful of how far you've come and even more greatful of where God's gonna take you. Brotha needs some Express Polo's for the summer!!! Must have!!! Oh and a brotha will be coppin paten leather OG Stacy's and a grey pair of OG biscuit toes(my dad kills his pair!!). Don't know what to really think of GQ's most stylish list. Kanye deserves shine, Glen O'Brian is a style legend, but you top the list with Justin Timberlake... HMMMMMMMMMM!!!! Yes JT can stunt but dang!!! Over kanye? I think his philosphy was better. Half the fits JT wore in the GQ mag kanye's already worn something close!!!! Went to SCSU last saturday with my dude dan!!! I Swear I can't stand the I just roled out of bed look!!! How cats function like that!!! My dude peeps never did that junk!! Stayed stuntin!!! I HATE THE STANKY LEG!!!!!! STUPID DANCES MUST GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!cam'ron's new joint get it in Ohio is kind of ill. I like the video more thaan the song. Classic Cam in fur coats and bun hats and shi caps. Long tan Fur trench was mean. I like the fact that cam wasn't intimidated by the times to pull out the skull and bones and rock hard against jimmy and juelz. Still maintained his level of fly. Funniest thing one of them Rock Star posers ever said to me. Did with tight skinny jeans asked me do I ever wear regular clothes, so I asked him do you ever wear breahable pants!!! LOL! Firm beleaver in stupid questions deserve stupid answers.yo Frontin Niggaz gimme heebee jeebees!!! Lauren's line was so ill!! So much truth in that!!1 Any way This milt-fresh yall FuZz!!

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Sexy_Virgo87 said...

Boy, Put Ya Shoe On lol. I must Say I've Always Loved justin Timberlake For Real. But Anyways Don't Worry Bookie I'll Show You How To Do The Stanky Legg Ok? lol