Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Jumpin jivin!!!!

My boy Topcat out of Jersey ut me up on these!!! Old school Roaring 20's spats!!!! Make me feel like I'm Fred Estair in the Easter Parade. But what I love is how they added new flavor to the iconic footwear. Adding the red and the eclectric blue!!! But,the animal print joints are tooooo raw FuZz!!! You got to have balls to rock with those!!!! I would tell you the site, but I don't feel like it!!! LOL!

Somethin for the lady in ya life!!!!

Recently I have been shocked to see the emergence of Coogi Handbags in many of today's top 10 music videos(the ace hood joint and the ne-yo, jammie fox and fab remix). I have to say Coogi has done it again with another addition to their women's line. Everybody used to go crazy over the Coogi Dresses the Females used to wear. with the same concept of using the same fabric as the legendary sweaters, they've used for the purses. I'm just glad they didn't make purses and slapped the Coogi name all over it, like they've done half of their Men's line. But one thing stuck out in my mind. Why is it that the Purse was on the images of the most sexy and fashion foward females? Females that look more like the Chanel/Loui Bag types. I mean as much as people still want to hold on to Coogi's reputation for high prices, you can find Coogi in A.J. Wright now!!! Which to me, has reduced the brand down to being like a Chaps!!! LOL!! O.k. I'm buggin!!! Never that!!! But, I went on Coogi's official website and looked at the price of the bag. Ladies, if you don't mind paying $600.00 for the bag, then its yours. I must say the bag is worth it. This is the new item for the diva. Of course I know one girl who doesn't need that bag to be a diva... Pookie!!!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Just chillin!!!

What's FuZzN ya'll!?? Yes i'vee been slow on the posts!!! Just been busy with work and everything in between!!!! Most of all been layin low. Staying away from these haters and these birds!!!! Takin over these old school dudes blocks (lil friendly comp, Shout out to Dixwell Ave lol!)!!! We sttill lettin em know fresks come out in the daytime!!!! Ain't nothin change!!! Til next post, stay FuZz!

Illest Hip-Hop Fashion Era!!!!

I was in Stop and Shop talkin to my boy about how dudes used to stunt back in 2000-01. Yo everybody talks 80's this and early 90's that. I'm a baby out of the 01 era. Yo straight up Coogi and Iceberg Sweaters, leather pants, and Durango boots. Yo its still hard to think that next to Timberlands these were the illest boots for a hood dude to wear. I myself ain't stop wearin Durando Boots til 06. Matter of fact that tanish oat pair in the picture were the last pair I had. Back then it was funny watchin the most grimiest street dudes rock wild leather pants and the boots. Cats was dead serious too!! When dudes went to Sweetheart balls, cats would actually wear this outfit if they didn't want to dress up(of course I was suited!!! LOL!!!). They even outlawed them at Hillhouse's 01 Sweetheart ball, basicly because hood dudes were wearing them every where. But if people could have forsaw the twists and turns hip-hop fashion took, from that point to now, they wouldn't have done it. I dig this era the most because cats put time and effort into what they wore. Dudes would actually wear a button down shirt, khakis and durangos or timbs. And don't forget about the peacoat!!!! Mad dudes was killin the Gap joint!!!! The only problem with it was the same problem you have with all trends. Everybody was wearing the same thing.You were better off wearing these items in abundance when the next trend came in. It wasn't until the end of 03-04 when me and Peeps Gunna decided to Go hard with the Coogi and Iceberg. By then coogi and Iceberg was done for(until now, but Coogi don't even look the same). Toast to the old days!!! Word up though, ya FuZz got to Cop some Durangos though for old times sake.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Friday, September 19, 2008

For the love of the FuZz: T. Montgomery a.k.a Peeps

This segment of FOR THE LOVE OF THE FuzZ, I had to use someone who really and trully embodies what it is to FuZzY. Why does he get so much high praise from ya boy? Well basicly because he's my partner in crime in this FuZzY junk. Most of all because along with myself he originated the FuZzY lifestyle. I'm talking about my boy Terone, better known as Peeps the great!!! Many all over the globe know him for his monumental photo on the imfamous style blog the Sartorialist(how many of ya'll can say that?). See what he deal is with his look is he's up on the hottest trends befor they become mainstream. He's masterd the art of mixing and matching items, to create monumental looks. I mean all over the country dudes have been trying to cram their thighs into skinny jeans. But Peeps has been doing it for three years already. Many can not understand the concept behind the skinny jean movement. However, think about it like this, For two decades adults have fought with Urban America with the issue of baggy jeans. The older African American generation have talked the subject into the grave. But see the wild part is, America has gotten used to the look of oversized denim. So much so until the world attribues the jail originated trend with being gangsta and hood. So now when you see pants and denim that's fitted people tend to look at it funny. However, the FuZz one leads the pack showing the world the definition of style. That's what the foundation of what the FuZz stands on. Being original, setting trends, deading trends and making them better. Most of all feeling comfortable in your skin. Keep doin ya thing FuZz.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Stacy Adams fall finds

This fall Stacy Adams is coming out with a few items that arema must have in any well dressed man's wardrobe. I'm feelin the SA Belt.I do need that in my life. Many might say the brand is trying too hard to keep up with the times. But no matter what they are still known as one of the illest brands alive. Even Mauri can't say that. I need the those brown and tan Stacy Adams Madison boots. As you saw befor I have the black and white ones. The brown ones are next on the list. The nmost exciting thing from their line is their take on Jeans. Yes they're getting into the whole denim act too!!!! i'm kind of on the fence with them because I'm not into jeans, more so denim slacks. However, i would buy them just to have because i'm a fan of the stacy adams brand.

One of my favorite rappers of all time

CapitalPunishment is one of the livest albums ever.

Check the fit!!!!!!

I don't do much!!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Happy birthday pookie!!!!!

Yesterday was my Baby girl, Veronica's Birthday. With that in mind, we decided to go to one of the best resteraunts in the city of New Haven, Sage resteraunt and grill. I loved the dinning experience there. I mean, not so much for the food, but for the atmosphere. I mean when you pair great atmosphere with the woman you love, you just can't go wrong. We laughed and cracked jokes on people!! i mean don't be mad at us!!! One dude was up in there coughing like he needed to hospitalised!!!! O.k. I won't go that far!!! But dude really should have stayed home instead of coughin all over the place!!!! lol!! But the mood stayed sexy. After dinner we decided to take a walk on the outside deck. Love drifted upon the night sky. The moon's reflection, shined upon her beautiful face, giving her a heavenly glow. We watched the flow of the sea from the deck as the school of fish, wrestled with the waves. As we kissed and cuddled, the area was so peaceful. The water had a calming effect on us. No police, no noise, no hate, no nothing. Just the shower of St. Valentine. Oh and check ya boy's FuZz game!!!! Had the navy blue and white plaid dashiki suit! Submerged underneath was a Navy blue and grey Express sewater vest that fit over top an unbuttoned saten shirt. The Grey Stacy pork Pie was bringin a classy cool to the matter. And I had to pull out the NavyBlue and white sqaure toe Zotas. my Pookie girl was goin to work with the chocolate and peanut butter patched up Unlisted's. the dress was to die for, you should have seen it in person. too Sexy!!! what a great night. once again happy birthday pookie girl. Hubby loves you to death!!!!!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

On some chill ish!!!!!

Today was a chill day, kind of busy!!! In the midst of runnin around I got to chill with my boy Cardi Dark, and my best friend Hovie. They had me out in the Ville today. Well you see my fit, I had to bring the sweater vest game out on em. I mean how do you like my version of lowkey?!! I know, one of my old co-workers told me I wasn't hardly lowkey!!!! LOL!!! Had to Express myself!!! If you catch my drift. I'm just on my FuZzY Johnson!!!! Yo aside from the FuZz game, i'm lovin Music again. R&B is at an all time high. That Ryan leslie, fab and cassie joint addiction,has freakin got me in a transe. That dude from 112 got a serious smooth joint for all the Fly people(evem though the remix with jada and freeway is seriouly raw!!). Then the T-Wayne duo is killin em with the hottest video out right now (SAY YEAH). Mad sick special effects. Ney-yo has an ill joint in that miss independant track. Musicians are getting more creative. And trust, ya FuZz is gettin his bars tigher!!!!. I'm gonna be a problem on the mic!!!! Till next time, keep ya heads up, One FuZz!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Mean Mug Like I can't smile!!!

What up FuZz, today is ugly out here, mad rain, I ain't roll no where. went to go with pops to get somethin to eat at the soul food place. Lady in there buggin about why they ain't no pull pork and she want chopped bbq!!! lol! But it's cool. Got the plaid joint with Saks 5th ave apple jack cap tilted, with evil mug. Got the Jewels out, oatmeal and 07 wheat Straw Stacy's on the feet. I'm just chillin. Can't wait for wifey birthday. We gona celebrate!!! I know I've been slow on the posts, but stay tuned. We got more styles to put the world on, more shoes to cop. more haters to piss off, Til then keep ya head up. one FuZz!

Monday, September 8, 2008


Man just when you think Milt-Fresh couldn't take it up another level, he just ups and kills it on ya'l!!! There are my new Stacy Adams madison boots that just came in from my guys at Classic Mens Wear at the Milford Mall. If you guys are ever in Milfrod, CT you got to do yourselves a favor and hit up classic Mens Wear. Ali and Mahammid are real great guys!!! But back to the BOOT!!!!!! The best thing about them is that they are with this particular shoe, Stacy Adams has found a way to incorperate a classic into there new line. They are a morph between the old madisons and the classic spats that were word in the 20's, 30's and 40's by the likes of the great dapper dancers such as Fred Astair and Cab Calloway. Ver sleek and classy for a serious dresser!!! Yeah this gives ya'll suckaz Somethin more to be mad at!!! Peep the tuxedo vest set!!!!! Yeah, I laid off ya'll last year, But this year i'm back on my Tuxedo Chic look!!! Yeah, i'm stuntin like its my prom picture!!! Maybe a wedding!!! Nah, cause I don't do Tux's to weddings!!! Everybody wears em!!! But trust, it's on this fall, ya'll buch of suckaz!!!!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Milt-Fresh gettin it in at humphry's!!!!!!

Last thursday night was crazy. My partner in this FuZz game Terone aka Peeps Gunna had invited ya boy out to open mic night at Humphry's!!!! Ya FuZz had mad fun at the joint!!!! Dudes was up there goin sick with the spoken word and flow. Well nothin for Milt-Fresh to do, but get up and show his lyrical skill!!!! Some of the the attenders was rather wild!!!! One lady got up sayin some anythng!!! lol! I think that chick had a few!!!! But all in all a great night!!! Yo my boy gunna had pulled a very smooth move at that joint when he performed!!! This for BROOKE!!!!!!! LOL!!! yO i GOT THAT ON TAPE TO!!! That's comin in the next post!!!! might be a lil blury cause the lighting was dark!!! Maybe because ya boy was so FuZzY, oh well!!!!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

For the love of the FuZz: Chanel Iman

OH HEYYYYYYYYYYYY, I LOVE YO BROWN SKIN, GIRLLLLLLLLLLL!!!! I'm buggin with the hood rat statis!!! But this sexy beauty is the lovely 18 year old Chanel Iman. What a name!! A name that sounds destined to be amongst fashion's elite. Normally on my For the Love of the FuZz segment, I don't like to high light super model types because usually they're just walking clothing wracks. But so are half of today's stars!!!1 But what I will say about Chanel is that when she puts a garment on she gives it life, wether its on the runway or out and about!!!! And you pair that style and confidence with a pretty face, you have a dangerous combo. I'm telling you, google this girl. She has worn some of the sickest dresses possable. My only concern is this chicks weight!!!!! YO WHAT'S UP WITH THESE EXTRA THIN CHICKS!!!???? Somebody get these girls a cheese burger quick!!! I know she's model and all but gosh!!!! But homegirl is the future of fashion models. She's better then that boy chasin Gerren from Baldwin Hills!!! O.k. i'm not hating. But my money is on Chanel!!!