Saturday, September 27, 2008

Illest Hip-Hop Fashion Era!!!!

I was in Stop and Shop talkin to my boy about how dudes used to stunt back in 2000-01. Yo everybody talks 80's this and early 90's that. I'm a baby out of the 01 era. Yo straight up Coogi and Iceberg Sweaters, leather pants, and Durango boots. Yo its still hard to think that next to Timberlands these were the illest boots for a hood dude to wear. I myself ain't stop wearin Durando Boots til 06. Matter of fact that tanish oat pair in the picture were the last pair I had. Back then it was funny watchin the most grimiest street dudes rock wild leather pants and the boots. Cats was dead serious too!! When dudes went to Sweetheart balls, cats would actually wear this outfit if they didn't want to dress up(of course I was suited!!! LOL!!!). They even outlawed them at Hillhouse's 01 Sweetheart ball, basicly because hood dudes were wearing them every where. But if people could have forsaw the twists and turns hip-hop fashion took, from that point to now, they wouldn't have done it. I dig this era the most because cats put time and effort into what they wore. Dudes would actually wear a button down shirt, khakis and durangos or timbs. And don't forget about the peacoat!!!! Mad dudes was killin the Gap joint!!!! The only problem with it was the same problem you have with all trends. Everybody was wearing the same thing.You were better off wearing these items in abundance when the next trend came in. It wasn't until the end of 03-04 when me and Peeps Gunna decided to Go hard with the Coogi and Iceberg. By then coogi and Iceberg was done for(until now, but Coogi don't even look the same). Toast to the old days!!! Word up though, ya FuZz got to Cop some Durangos though for old times sake.

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