Saturday, September 13, 2008

On some chill ish!!!!!

Today was a chill day, kind of busy!!! In the midst of runnin around I got to chill with my boy Cardi Dark, and my best friend Hovie. They had me out in the Ville today. Well you see my fit, I had to bring the sweater vest game out on em. I mean how do you like my version of lowkey?!! I know, one of my old co-workers told me I wasn't hardly lowkey!!!! LOL!!! Had to Express myself!!! If you catch my drift. I'm just on my FuZzY Johnson!!!! Yo aside from the FuZz game, i'm lovin Music again. R&B is at an all time high. That Ryan leslie, fab and cassie joint addiction,has freakin got me in a transe. That dude from 112 got a serious smooth joint for all the Fly people(evem though the remix with jada and freeway is seriouly raw!!). Then the T-Wayne duo is killin em with the hottest video out right now (SAY YEAH). Mad sick special effects. Ney-yo has an ill joint in that miss independant track. Musicians are getting more creative. And trust, ya FuZz is gettin his bars tigher!!!!. I'm gonna be a problem on the mic!!!! Till next time, keep ya heads up, One FuZz!

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Sexy_Virgo87 said...

"Can I Wear A Chain" lol Ok I See How You Doin It Mr. Express lol I Agree With You About The R&B But I'm Not To Fond Of That Slim Joint lol