Monday, September 1, 2008


I love Steve Harvey to death, but he is dead wrong for even approving the design on these borring shoes!!!!! I know he can do better tha this!!! The only reason a man would even buy a pair of these is because it has his name on em!!1 To be real when you think of steve harvey, you only think of his great suits. Which definetly shows in his clothing lines. But as far as shoes, I have never seen a pair of shoes that he wore, that stuck out as spectaular!!!!! And most definetlty that shoes in his shoe line as well!!! He needs to join the 50 million american's who needs to be dragged ot in the middle of th street a beat, rodney king style!!!! o.k. maybe not that bad!!! LOL! My man can dress!!! But those shoes are too wrong!!!!

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