Thursday, September 18, 2008

Stacy Adams fall finds

This fall Stacy Adams is coming out with a few items that arema must have in any well dressed man's wardrobe. I'm feelin the SA Belt.I do need that in my life. Many might say the brand is trying too hard to keep up with the times. But no matter what they are still known as one of the illest brands alive. Even Mauri can't say that. I need the those brown and tan Stacy Adams Madison boots. As you saw befor I have the black and white ones. The brown ones are next on the list. The nmost exciting thing from their line is their take on Jeans. Yes they're getting into the whole denim act too!!!! i'm kind of on the fence with them because I'm not into jeans, more so denim slacks. However, i would buy them just to have because i'm a fan of the stacy adams brand.

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Karl-Edwin Guerre said...

hot dayum bro... came across your blog.... fire.

i like the look and what you're doin' with it... keep it up.

when you get a chance, check out my blog and i'd apreciate the feedback. from one fly guy to the next.