Monday, September 1, 2008

Theme Music to my life

Anybody who knows Milt-Fresh knows i'm a huge R&B fan. But not just any R&B. I know many R&B fanitics are going to want to fight me for saying this. But to me, 200-2001 was the illest years that we've ever saw for the genre. I mean the appearance of a Rythm and Blues artist was always perfectly well thought out. Then we went through that era where you couldn't tell the rappers from the males singers. But even musically, the gentlemen that are pictured befor you, have sung melodies that are burned in my memory. These guys were the kings of the game. I mean take usher's 8701. I can't speak for ya'll but that joint played a hhhhhuuhuuuugggge part in my life!!!!! Summer 01, I was 15, that joint "you remind me" stayed on rotation on mtv, bet, and every radio station. THAT TRACK WAS THE THEME MUSIC TO THE WILDEST SUMMER EVER!!! Bar Bell Parties like crazy, Hsc summer school was poppin, got back together with my ex and messin with a summer school fling . And that song explaned it best. "You got it bad".LOL!!!! I ain't even goin there!!!! LOL!! But I will say this, that video had some ill styling. The leahther trench coat with the jeans and the timbs were sick. But "you don't have to call"!!! Monumental song in the King's life. Just broke up again with my ex, just commin up in high school, was partying every friday night, searchin for the one to fill her shoes. It's funny, after every party on a friday night, this song would come on. Carl Thomas's Emotional!!! Wow crazy in a brotha's life. Yo no lie Carl Thomas's "I wish" is what made me start to love R&B. I was nothin but a straight Hip-hop head befor. I had been a fan since been around the world remix and Nore's first album. Carl has a ill way of bringin raw emotion to you. The way he broke down the idea of dating a married woman was so real. He almost made the act justfiable. Then we take it to summer rain!!! That song is one of the smoothest tracks i've heard. The video has a snsual feel that wasn't too ovrly sexed with wild half naked females. It brought class to the game. To sit her and go through each and every album up here would be insane. But these guys had songs that explaned crucial points in my life at the time. R&B music in general has a way of explaining how you feel in a more calm soothing approach.

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Sexy_Virgo87 said...

I Feel You On Soooo Many Levels With This One I Love Me Some R&B Music Not Any R&B But Classic Hit Song R&B And The Dudes You Got Up Here Sure Got Some Classic Songs That I Just Love And CAn Listen To Over And Over